The inventor of the World Wide Web auctions 30-year-old source code in the form of NFT

Sotheby’s Auction House announced that Sir Tim Berners-Lee, known as the inventor of the Internet, will create a 30-year-old World Wide Web source code NFT on the Ethereum blockchain. The NFT will be available at Sotheby’s Auction House. The auction lasts for a week, with bids starting from $1,000. The proceeds from the auction will be donated through the World Wide Web Foundation to initiatives supported by Berners-Lee and his wife Rosemary.

Berners-Lee, a 66-year-old British computer scientist, said: “Thirty years ago, I created something, and with the efforts of a large number of collaborators around the world, it has become a powerful tool for mankind. NFT is’in this field. The latest gameplay creation’ is also the most suitable ownership tool available.”

This document, called “The World Changed”, includes HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol), and URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) ​​with time stamps. These were Berners-Lee in 1990 The source code of the three basic languages ​​and protocols written between October 3 and August 24, 1991, approximately 9555 lines.

The auction item also includes a visual animation of the code being written, a letter written by Berners-Lee in June 2021. He reflected on the code and its creation process, and visualized the complete code.

“Beijing” previously reported that in March of this year, Sotheby’s announced the sale of digital art works by anonymous artist Pak through a cooperation with Nifty Gateway, an encrypted art market owned by the Winklevoss brothers.

This month, the auction house also held a Natively Digital auction, which is its first group auction specifically for cryptocurrency art. Its auction items include the NFT and CryptoPunks series from Pak.

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Author/ Translator: Jamie Kim
Bio: Jamie Kim is a technology journalist. Raised in Hong Kong and always vocal at heart. She aims to share her expertise with the readers at Kim is a Bitcoin maximalist who believes with unwavering conviction that Bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency – in fact, currency – worth caring about.