Spotify, mini-player released in Korea… Play music directly on Facebook

Spotify mini player image.
Spotify mini player image.

[Digital Today Reporter Hwang Chi-gyu] Spotify, an audio and music streaming platform, officially launched the ‘Miniplayer’ function in Korea on the 21st, allowing users to enjoy music directly through Facebook News Feed.

Spotify users will be able to listen to music shared on the Facebook News Feed without leaving the app.

Spotify said, “Since its establishment, we have focused on discovering, sharing, and spreading new music with Ubiquity as one of the important strategic points. Various devices and apps so that listeners can enjoy audio and music anytime, anywhere. We are continuing to expand the linkage with Facebook, and the Facebook mini player function is also part of this effort.”

A Spotify official said, “As music is an important communication medium and one of the main topics of daily conversation, users will be able to discover and share more music through the mini-player’s in-depth interlocking system.” We will continue to focus on providing users with an intuitive service that allows users to conveniently enjoy audio and music content anytime, anywhere.”

Author/ Translator: Jamie Kim
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