Small business owner support fund plus, up to 5 million won From the 31st, it is possible to apply without discriminating business numbers.

Small business owners support fund plus, up to 5 million won From the 31st, applications can be made without distinction of business numbers. Small business owners who operate two or more supported businesses will receive them from the 1st of the following month. From Wednesday, March 31st, you can apply without discriminating between the last digits of your business registration number, so if you have not applied on the 29th and 30th, you can apply from the 31st.

The types of support are largely classified into three categories: prohibited/restricted industries, and general industries. The group ban is divided into 2 stages, the group restriction stage 1, and the general industry is divided into 4 stages.

The Ministry of SMEs and Startups (Minister Kwon Chil-seung, hereinafter referred to as the Ministry of SMEs) announced that it paid 1.4 trillion won to 790,000 people on the first day of the 「Supporting Fund Plus」 payment (as of March 30, 06:00).

The Ministry of SMEs and MICs sent application guidance texts to 1.16 million people with an odd number at the end of the business registration number among those eligible for the first expedited payment from 06:00 on March 29.

On the first day of the support fund plus support, 856,000 businesses applied for 1.59 trillion won, of which 787,000 businesses received 1.43 trillion won.

In order to help small businesses and small businesses a little bit quickly, 3 days (March 29-March 31) are paid three times a day. It is important to note that the application target and the amount of support are different in the case of a specially damaged business and a general business other than a specially damaged business.

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The website for the Corona Support Fund Plus application was prepared in advance to significantly expand the processing capacity, and even though many applicants simultaneously accessed the first day of the application, it was operated normally without any delays in access.

Most of them were inquiries about support fund plus support projects such as support target, method of application, amount of support, and timing of application, and it seems to be a result of diversification of payment types and payment amounts.

On Tuesday, March 30, an application guidance text will be sent to 1.16 million people with an even number at the end of the business number among those eligible for the first expedited payment from 6 am.

As with the previous day, applications for today are divided into three times, and for applications until noon, applications from 2pm, and after noon until 18:00, applications from 20:00 to midnight, and applications from 18:00 to midnight tomorrow. Is paid.

The 4th Disaster Subsidy Application is for “Supporting Fund Plus” for small business owners, “Employment Stability Support” for the underprivileged (special high school, freelancer, corporate taxi driver, visiting care service workers), and the underprivileged. Such as “livelihood support”. For the 4th disaster support fund, search for small business support fund plus to find a site.

How to Apply for the 4th Disaster Subsidy This is the second emergency employment stabilization subsidy. New applications are available from April 12 to 21.


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