Seoul City·Icon Loop, blockchain-based Seoul citizen reporter card issuance

Blockchain-based example of Seoul citizen reporter [Photo: Icon Loop]
Blockchain-based example of Seoul citizen reporter [Photo: Icon Loop]

[Digital Today Reporter Choo Hyun-woo] A domestic blockchain company ICONLOOP announced that it will begin issuing a blockchain-based citizen reporter card to Seoul citizen reporters in 2021.

This Seoul citizen reporter card is issued through the blockchain and cannot be forged or falsely issued, and the issued reporter card can be easily verified and submitted with the DID identity authentication service’Tung’.

‘True’ is a blockchain-based DID identity authentication service developed by ICONLOOP, designated as an innovative financial service by the Financial Services Commission, and is used for the issuance of DID for the first financial sector in Korea, and’Jeju Relief Code’, a Jeju-type tourism quarantine system, and an ICT regulatory sandbox. Mobile driver’s license will also be installed in the future.

This blockchain-based certificate is being used in various fields such as issuing a letter of commission from the Seoul Blockchain Governance Unit and issuing a degree for graduates of Pohang University, and in various fields such as public institutions, companies, and the education industry.

The targets of this blockchain-based Seoul citizen reporter card are Seoul citizen reporters selected through regular recruitment in 2021.

The citizen reporter of Seoul created’Seoul News that citizens directly report and convey to citizens’ on the subject of major policies, facilities, events, and life information of Seoul, and posted it on the representative communication portal of Seoul,’Seoul in My Hand’. It is one year from January to December.

Jonghyup Kim, CEO of Iconloop, said, “As the importance of personal privacy protection increases and the non-face-to-face environment increases, interest in reliable blockchain technology is increasing while enhancing personal information protection.” “We will continue to strive to create a trustworthy society through this.”

Author/ Translator: Jamie Kim
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