Seong-gyu Ji, President of Hana Bank, ‘Protection of Financial Consumers’ Write a pledge of action and announce it to all employees

On the afternoon of the 22nd, Hana Bank (Chief Ji Seong-gyu) announced that it will actively practice’financial consumer protection’ focused on consumers at a non-face-to-face event on the 22nd.

Hana Bank plans to amend its regulations in accordance with the legislation of the Financial Consumer Protection Act (hereinafter referred to as the Financial Consumer Protection Act) in March of this year, and shift all business to consumer-oriented, pursuing a higher level of consumer protection and consumer satisfaction from the perspective of consumers.

To this end, Hana Bank Chairman Ji Seong-gyu once again emphasized that’financial consumer protection’ is the core value, and wrote a’Financial Consumer Protection Practice Pledge’ to realize true consumer protection and announced it in front of all employees.

In addition, in preparation for the enforcement of the gold law, Hana Bank introduces the’compulsory product knowledge system’ for the first time in the banking sector. When selling new financial products, it is planned to ensure that only employees who are familiar with the contents of the product can sell products to financial consumers by thoroughly verifying whether employees have completed training.

Hana Bank President Ji Seong-gyu said, “We established a consumer risk management group for the first time in the banking sector through reorganization at the beginning of this year, and through this, we plan to support an optimal asset portfolio.” “Continuing to establish a system for consumer convenience, By removing it, we will practice effective consumer protection.”

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