Renowned Investor Carl Icahn “Is Willing to Invest $1 Billion in the Cryptocurrency Industry”

Billionaire investor Carl Icahn is known to be willing to invest $1 billion (about 1.1 trillion won) into the cryptocurrency industry. This was revealed in an interview with Bloomberg. It is known that it is under review, including investments and private equity securities of related companies. Coinpost reported this on the 27th.

Icahn is the founder of the holding company Icahn Enterprise. It is known to have a fortune of 26 trillion won, and was ranked 26th in the Forbes 400 ranking in 2020. Under the Trump administration of the former U.S. President, he was in charge of regulatory reform advisory.

In an interview with Bloomberg, “I am not buying cryptocurrency at the moment, but I am improving my understanding of the entire industry such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). There is” he said.

When asked how much money would it be if invested, he said, “In the end, about $1 billion-$1.5 billion (equivalent to $1,1122 billion -1,673 trillion)”.

Meanwhile, regarding the background of the growing demand for digital assets such as cryptocurrencies, Icahn said, “Excess liquidity (price rise) in the stock market caused by the massive financial easing of the new coronavirus is one factor.” “Alternative currency I’m turning my eyes to it.”

[Ethereum also mentioned]

In an interview, Icahn was asked about Ethereum (ETH) and expressed the following views.

“The Ethereum blockchain has two roles. The first is the payment system, and the second is the storage of value. Ethereum and Bitcoin are different things, and for me, Bitcoin is just a store of value.”

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Icahn’s view is similar to that of a recent Goldman Sachs report.

According to the report, “Ethereum, a representative of the digital economy, has the potential to exceed Bitcoin as a means of storing value.” It is supported and can dominate the financial system in the future”.

(Carl Icahn) and 10 years of money (1,000 dollars or more)

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