Proof of Origin: The Future of NFTs in Emerging Industries

Proof of Origin: The Future of NFTs in Emerging Industries panel discussion is part of the launch of the first movie-based NFT Marketplace with the first-of-its-kind Proof of Origin NFT from a Marvel artist.

The panel consist of the following experts and moderated by James Pratt, an award-winning actor, director and is one of Australia’s Top 5 under 35 in Entertainment.

Phil Ingram is the CMO at, a community-owned and governed prediction games platform. He is a former VP of Remote Lands, and specializes in strategic marketing, digital & social marketing, and strategy implementation!

Anndy Lian, Advisory Board Member at Hyundai-DAC, is a serial blockchain entrepreneur known for his work in the government sector. Recently appointed as Chief Digital Advisor for the Mongolian Productivity Organization. Anndy is also an author, thought leader, investor, advisor, and board member to several other companies in Asia and Europe.‍

Jarred Winn, Founder of Winn.Solutions, is a growth hacker at heart, and founded the Bay Area’s first blockchain-centric full-service digital marketing agency. He’s also a former SVP at Binance, a blockchain philanthropist, and a strategic advisor.

Ty Blackard is the Co-Founder & COO NFTY Labs, and CCO at FomoHunt. He built blockchain’s most innovative data curation platform, and is creating the next layer of authentication infrastructure by utilizing Web3 based tools that allow for utility management through NFTs.

NFTs have the potential to completely change commercial art, virtual real estate, advertising, music and more. In fact, all items digital can be NFT. The panellists were being asked which other industries would benefit most from NFT.

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For membership organizations, staying on top of the latest technology is not only beneficial but can keep you ahead of the curve. Phil Ingram sees the importance and mentioned that "NFTs could be proof of membership in a guild."

NFTs will make it possible for gamers to take their skins, avatar, or gaming character into every game they play. "Gaming and eSports will be a huge embarking in the NFT space. This is the lowest hanging fruit." Jarred Winn commented during the panel.

Anndy Lian added that "Please do not restrict NFT to just movie posters or fractioning the film. You can place NFTs in the film. Viewers can watch the film and hunt for the NFT collectables within the film too."

You can live the live-streamed "Proof of Origin" event on YouTube where the famed comic book artist Rob Prior launched the NFT Marketplace with the burning of an original painting inspired by the Wolf of Wall Street film to mark its NFT mint.

You can view the panel discussion at: