Pica Project, works by Mari Kim and Kim Bong-soo started trading as the first NFT art in Korea

Pica Project (CEO: Sung Hye-jung, Song Ja-ho), a diversified investment service company for art, announced today (11th) that it will be the first in Korea to unveil the works of painting artist Mari Kim and sculptor Kim Bong-soo using NTF for the first time in Korea.

Art works that are first attempted in Korea with artists Mari Kim and Kim Bong-soo in the Pica Project NTF introduces non-replaceable tokens (NFT) based on blockchain technology in art works, allowing them to be freely traded online, and furthermore, art works focused on some enthusiasts. It has the purpose of converting the market to a joint purchase method.

Unlike existing virtual assets, NFT gives a separate unique recognition value to digital assets such as coins, and the coin applied with NFT has a separate recognition value that is’non-replaceable’ from other coins, so the value of each coin varies. By giving scarcity to assets, it has become a megatrend as its influence has grown internationally in various fields such as item trading such as digital art and online games.

Art works with blockchain technology are Elon Musk’s wife and singer Grimes for a total of $5.8 million (6.5 billion won) in 20 minutes through an online auction for 10 digital painting collections titled’War Nymph’. ), and received global attention.

The Pika Project is engaged in activities to increase the value of works by transforming the works of domestic artists into digital paintings, and as the first activity, Define Art developed by Chaju (mid-March) Pixel Network by converting the works of Mari Kim and Kim Bong-soo into NFT. It will be sold for the first time on the platform.

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Mari Kim, a painter who participates in this project, is a well-known artist for’idol’ paintings with big eyes like dolls, and has urged a change in the art world. Marikim has the idea of ​​spreading the’K-Frenzy’ occurring in various fields to the art world through active innovation from the Korean art world, which has been stagnant for decades through his worldview and philosophy.

Sculptor Kim Bong-soo uses the century-old animation’Pinocchio’ in which the nose becomes longer when lying is used to symbolize the modern man who repackages himself in order to satisfy the desire, wealth, power and passion of the modern man. Using various materials such as marble, bronze, stainless steel, etc., he communicates with the public by eliciting visual inspiration as a sculptor.

Seong Hae-joong, CEO of Pica Project, said, “As if I don’t listen to the music of my favorite singers only at concerts, the era when art is only exposed through exhibitions is coming to an end.” Through this, an art market that can be viewed anytime, anywhere will be opened.

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Author/ Translator: Jamie Kim
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