National Assembly Legislative Research Office publishes issues and issues dealing with data-network-artificial intelligence

National Assembly Legislative Research Office publishes issues and issues dealing with data-network-artificial intelligence

The National Assembly Legislative Research Office (Dean Man-Hum Kim) published 『Issues and Points』, which deals with the status and tasks of DNA (data, network, AI) policies for the digital era.

It is explained that the transition to a digital society is rapidly taking place around the world due to the 4th Industrial Revolution and Corona 19, so an active response is necessary. The global e-commerce volume increased by 40.4% from $1.9 trillion in 2019 to $2.7 trillion in 2021, and the size of the data industry in Korea increased by 11.3% annually from 16 trillion won in 2019 to 32 trillion in 2025. It is expected to exceed the circle.

In the report, the data (D), network (N), and artificial intelligence (A)-centered policies being promoted by the government were added to respond to platform (P) and digital integration (I) to complete the ecosystem of the digital age He explained that since the digital society is based on platforms, the foundation for various platforms to emerge and global growth should be laid from now on.

He then diagnosed that alternatives for digital integration should be considered first from the stage of designing the digital age so that no one is excluded from the digital society. Since the network of the digital society is not simply a communication network that transmits information, it becomes a’base of life’, so it is analyzed that accessibility, safety, and reliability should be strengthened, and network imbalances between regions should be resolved by establishing a 5G nationwide network early.

In a situation where good data is insufficient, supply and distribution-oriented data policies such as data dams, data vouchers, and data platforms have limitations, so it is necessary to establish a system to search for and discover data necessary for our society and economy.

The report stated, “Since artificial intelligence can directly or indirectly affect human experience, judgment, life, etc., not only policies focusing on technology development and use expansion, but also policies for securing reliability must be promoted in a balanced manner. “We should try to reflect the opinions and values ​​of various members of society in a balanced way,” he diagnosed.


Author/ Translator: Jamie Kim
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