Miracle Coin (MQL) Signs Strategic Content Sourcing Partnership with KOSDAQ-listed ‘Ismedia’ – Press Release

Miracle Coin (MQL) Signs Strategic Content Sourcing Partnership with KOSDAQ-listed ‘Ismedia’ – Press Release

Blockchain-based techtainment MiracleCoin announced that it has entered into a strategic content sourcing partnership with KOSDAQ-listed SizeMedia to revitalize the NFT marketplace.

The two companies will launch MIRAQLE’s NFT on the NFT marketplace, which is preparing to launch in the future, and minting equipped with the latest media art production filters and plug-ins that allow creators to easily create their own unique NFT works. We will work together to create the platform.

In order to enter the non-fungible token (NFT) market, which is a new business, KOSDAQ-listed SizMedia recruited Randy Zuckerberg, the sister of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, as an outside director in March. She graduated from Harvard Psychology and is a marketing expert who served as Facebook Marketing CMO and Corporate Spokesperson.

In addition, last month, we signed an MOU with Greenbox POS, a Nasdaq-listed company in the U.S., to develop the NFT platform, and also partnered with MetaLab, a Canadian-based UI/UX (user interface/experience) company, to design the NFT platform. concluded

On the 14th, it was announced that it would cooperate to build an NFT (non-fungible token) platform using the Klaytn-based protocol of Ground X (CEO Han Jae-sun), a block chain technology subsidiary of Kakao, a representative Korean company.

MiracleCoin is preparing a variety of platforms to transform the structure of the music industry from a company-oriented one-way industrial structure to a fan-centered interactive structure, and to present the right direction and standards for fan voting culture to make fans special heroes in the music industry. . It is a company attracting attention from the industry by introducing the ‘Technology+Entertainment’ platform that leads the transparent music industry through blockchain technology.

Regarding the partnership, a representative of Ismedia said that preparations for the NFT business are proceeding as planned, and that they will introduce a platform with high competitiveness through collaboration with large domestic and foreign IT companies.

A Miracle Coin official said that this partnership was a place where the technology and unique products of the Miracle Project were recognized, and that they will continue to introduce NFT products that can meet the needs of global fans.

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Author/ Translator: Jamie Kim
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