Milk Partners x Immel Ventures signed a business agreement

Milk Partners x Immel Ventures signed a business agreement

Milk Partners signs MOU with Immel Ventures, a blockchain-based social karaoke app’Something’

Milk Partners (CEO Jo Jung-min), which operates a blockchain-based point integration platform,’MiL.k’, runs a karaoke app’Something’ with Immel Ventures (CEO Kim Hee-bae) and promotes non-face-to-face cultural content and service activation. It was announced on the 25th that it has signed an MOU.

SOMESING is an app that lets you sing as if you were in a karaoke room anytime, anywhere with a smartphone, and you can even generate revenue by sharing the songs you sang. It has been attracting attention as a representative domestic blockchain-based service along with Milk, characterized by introducing a reward system using blockchain technology to add economic rewards to general karaoke apps.

Based on the point of contact that the two companies operate useful blockchain services that allow them to enjoy leisure and cultural life more effectively, various events that can provide new cultural experiences to all 20 and 40 generations, the main users of the service, as well as increase the usability of mutual services. It is a plan to establish a multilateral cooperation system for

In particular, with the prolonged Corona 19, customers of each company are expected to be able to enjoy various cultural lives more safely in their home. In December of last year, through a partnership with book culture gift certificates, Milk is supporting online cultural contents such as movies, games and music at a lower price.

As of December last year, Milk and Something app users exceeded 210,000 and 380,000, respectively, showing outstanding performance among domestic blockchain services. The two companies plan to cooperate to secure new customers as well as exchange existing users based on each company’s infrastructure and platform operation know-how.

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Currently, Milk Partners is partnering with various companies such as’Yanolja’, a comprehensive travel and leisure platform,’’, a global online travel agency, and’Korea Phase Service’, which develops book and life gift certificates for books. It is steadily introducing innovative and practical additional services such as, and is actively advancing the service to provide user benefits.

Milk Partners CEO Jo Jung-min said, “As something service that allows you to enjoy karaoke at home is in the spotlight in line with the non-face-to-face era, we plan to provide a place where Milk customers can experience a different cultural life.” “With the world’s lack of user-based services, we will lay the foundation for enjoying new and diverse cultural contents based on the know-how and expertise of each company operating the representative blockchain service in Korea.”

On the other hand,’Milk’, developed by Milk Partners, has presented new possibilities in the point market as a service that allows easy and simple compatibility and integration of points of various companies through blockchain technology. Until now, Yanolja, Shinsegae Internet Duty Free Shop, Korea Phase Service, Lambda 256, Danal Fintech,, and other leading companies in various industries have formed successive alliances, and are actively working to revitalize the blockchain-based point ecosystem.

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