Meet SKT Experience Center ‘Tium’, on-tact in Gyeonggi-do

‘ YouTube Live Tour’ in progress [Photo: SK Telecom]
‘ YouTube Live Tour’ in progress [Photo: SK Telecom]

[Digital Today Reporter Baek Yeon-sik] SK Telecom announced on the 24th that it would provide the Gyeonggi Content Agency for free with the ‘ YouTube Live Tour’ through YouTube, where anyone can easily experience the future world and technology 30 years from now.

The ‘ YouTube Live Tour’ will be used as content for the ‘2021 Visiting VR/AR Experience Center’ operated by the Gyeonggi Content Agency.

The Visiting Experience Center provides VR/AR contents in various fields, such as job education, cultural experience, cognitive training, and healing, in order to bridge the digital divide in Gyeonggi-do and to support local residents who have difficulties in outside activities due to Corona.

SK Telecom provides a dedicated session that allows you to reserve the ‘T.UM YouTube Live Tour’ in special classes and educational institutions connected to the Gyeonggi Content Agency, and provides a tour tailored to the nature of the participating institution.

The ‘Tium YouTube Live Tour’ provided by SK Telecom is implemented in the background of a future city in 2051 through real-time video relay for about 30 minutes ▲ Monitoring the space and earth environment using high-speed networks and artificial intelligence ▲ Drones and AR (augmented reality) ), etc., and ▲remote hologram meetings, etc. to vividly experience future ICT technologies.

In particular, two docents with expertise in the story and technology of ‘T.UM’ provide a two-way formation service that allows you to enjoy the tour by asking questions and receiving answers through a chat window in real time.

Gyeonggi Content Agency said that the ‘2021 Visiting VR/AR Experience Center’ is very popular with about 1,000 people participating per month. Through this cooperation, more people can experience the ‘ YouTube Live Tour’ and easily enjoy the latest technology that was difficult to experience. said there will be

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The ‘T.UM YouTube Live Tour’ can be used by general visitors after making a reservation on the reservation page of the ‘T.UM’ website. The ‘2021 Visiting AR/VR Experience Center’ provides ICT experiences by visiting various institutions until November of this year, and inquiries can be made to the Gyeonggi Content Promotion Agency.

Song Kwang-hyeon, head of SK Telecom’s digital communication department, said, “It is very meaningful in that the public-private partnership will provide opportunities to experience cutting-edge ICT technology to students who are unable to visit ‘T.UM’ in person.” We will continue to work to close the gap,” he said.

Author/ Translator: Jamie Kim
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