Lambda256 Launches Luniverse NFT Platform – Press Release

Lambda256 Launches Luniverse NFT Platform – Press Release

‘Lambda 256’, a blockchain specialist, announced that it will provide a Luniverse NFT platform.

‘Lambda 256’ (CEO Park Jae-hyun), the Luniverse NFT platform provides one-stop NFT service from NFT issuance to sales based on a strong ecosystem through technology linkage with various marketplaces and partner wallets do.

Luniverse NFT customers can easily store metadata and publish to NFT through API In addition, the cost of gas consumption is about 1/500 cheaper than the gas cost required for the issuance and transmission of the existing Ethereum-based NFT, and when the project’s own marketplace is built through the Luniverse side chain, the gas fee for NFT issuance and transmission is 0 It is possible to operate the service in circle

In addition, when NFT is issued on the Luniverse NFT platform, NFT division of the corresponding content is possible with the storage of the data source, so it is possible to implement a project of a model of jointly owning high-priced assets.

Lambda 256 expects that the Luniverse NFT platform will play a major role as the domestic NFT market is revitalized in earnest.

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Author/ Translator: Jamie Kim
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