Korea Polkadot Alliance joins 4 new project teams

Korea Polkadot Alliance joins 4 new project teams

As a new team to the’Korea Polkadot Alliance’ founded by the cross-chain asset exchange protocol’RAI Finance’, DVP, Fiction Network (PXL), Umbrella Network (UMB), Cryptos Capital (Kryptos) It was announced on the 24th that this will be joining.

The Korea Polkadot Alliance is a non-profit consortium composed of domestic Polkadot-based projects and teams founded by Rye Finance, STP Network, and Cobak. The Alliance is planning activities such as meetups, events, and discussions to support technology and capital for a polkadot parachain auction and expand the polkadot ecosystem in Korea.

In particular, the Alliance plans to run’Parachain Lease Offerings’, where Polkadot Token (DOT) holders can stake DOT and receive tokens from participating projects.

The four new teams joining the Korea Polkadot Alliance will contribute to the Alliance by supporting products and technologies in their respective fields. DVP will focus on technical support in the field of blockchain security, and Fiction Network will focus on NFT issuance and assetization. In addition, the Umbrella Network will provide secure off-chain data, and Cryptos Capital will strive to advise and discover the project.

“As new teams join the Polkadot Alliance in Korea, we have strengthened the community’s capabilities and secured diversity,” said Lee Kun-ho, CEO of Rai Finance. “I will have the expertise of “.

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Author/ Translator: Jamie Kim
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