Kona I, donation service based on local currency platform in Yeonsu-gu ‘Yeonsu e-out sharing’ Release

KONA I, Yeonsu-gu Local Currency Platform-based Donation Service ‘Yeonsu e Ut Sharing’

KONA I announced that it has launched a service called ‘Yeonsu e-Um’, a local currency platform in Yeonsu-gu, Incheon, where you can easily donate.

Yeonsu e-out sharing is a digital donation service that can be conveniently used in the Yeonsu e-eum app. After confirming the consent to provide simple personal information, click the donate button, and you can conveniently donate using the local currency cashback balance or the balance of the charge. In particular, it introduced the story of the sponsor and allowed donations by selecting a desired case, and it was organized so that people can participate in various donations by dividing temporary donations and regular donations.

The first fundraiser for the training e-out will be held until the end of June, and the donation will be provided for living expenses and child support to families raising children with disabilities, single mothers, and crime victims.

After completing the donation, you can easily check the donation history through the ‘donation activity history’, and you can also issue a donation receipt, so you can receive a year-end income deduction. You can also check how the donation was delivered through the fundraising review.

Jo Jung-il, CEO of KONA I, said, “I hope that the Yeonsu e-out sharing service will allow you to easily participate in donation and sharing activities in your daily life.” He continued, “Through various services, the Yeonsu e-eum platform will connect the local community and residents and promote mutual growth and communication. We will do our best to become a platform that creates value.”

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On the other hand, KONA I previously installed a donation service on local currency platforms such as Incheon, Cheonan, Gangneung, Busan, and Daedeok-gu, and said that the number of donations will reach about 10,000 by 2021.


Author/ Translator: Jamie Kim
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