Kim Jong-cheol, Managing Director of KT Blockchain Biz Center, introduced a delivery link service at Gimpo Pay for the second time after Ulsan Pedal in Ulsan City

KT (CEO Jae Mo Lee) announced that it will support the launch of Gimpo City’s public delivery app’Delivery Express’ along with Gimpo City.

Delivery Express is a public delivery app operated by Gyeonggi Province, and Gimpo City Delivery Express is the 7th service in Gyeonggi-do.

Unlike existing delivery apps, the delivery express does not have advertising fees and the brokerage fee is only 1%, reducing the fee burden of small business owners.

KT linked Gimpo Pay, a good pay service based on QR (QR) payment, with express delivery.

Looking at the existing payment method of Gimpo Pay, QR payment has become so popular that it is close to 80% of the total payment amount.

QR payments are more secure than paper or card payments, and are convenient because you only need a smartphone.

Users can make orders, payments, and delivery requests at once after connecting to Express Delivery within the Gimpo Pay app. It is convenient because it can be used immediately after charging Gimpo Pay.

Therefore, Gimpo City Delivery Express is receiving high attention from many small business owners, so that 1,000 stores have applied for membership before the official launch.

Affiliates that have not subscribed to the QR payment service can apply after applying to the merchant through the Good Pay app.

KT supports various giveaways and discount events for the successful launch of Gimpo-si Delivery Express and vitalization of the local economy.

Users who paid by Gimpo Pay at least twice by the 30th delivery express will receive prizes worth 20 million won, such as Samsung Electronics’ wireless vacuum cleaner, Dyson air wrap styler, and Apple iPad, after a lottery.

Kim Jong-cheol, head of the KT Blockchain Biz Center, said, “KT Good Pay will introduce a delivery link service in Gimpo Pay for the second time after Ulsan Pedal in Ulsan City.” I will contribute to building an economic ecosystem,” he said.


Author/ Translator: Jamie Kim
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