Key Inside, Ground X CEO Jae-seon Han appoints outside director

Key Inside, Ground X CEO Jae-seon Han appoints outside director

Key Inside (CEO Jo Jung-min), a blockchain company that developed the point integration platform’MiL.k’, announced that he had appointed Jae-seon Han, CEO of Ground X, as an outside director at the extraordinary general shareholders’ meeting held on the 6th.

Outside director Jae-seon Han received a Ph. After working as the founder and CEO of NexR, the CEO of KT NexR, the co-founder of Future Play and the Chief Technology Officer (CTO), he is now the CEO of Kakao’s blockchain technology subsidiary, Ground X. I am in office.

Key Inside CEO Jo Jung-min said, “We will accelerate the creation of practical services with outside director Jae-sun Han, who has experience and know-how in IT services in various fields such as big data, cloud, and blockchain. We plan to implement specific collaboration measures.”

Meanwhile, Key Inside attracted strategic investment from Ground X last month. The investment cooperation between the two companies is the first case in which Ground X has made equity investment in an external company, and Key Inside and Ground X plan to continue to develop practical blockchain-based joint projects and technical cooperation with each other beyond a simple alliance.

[Ground X CEO Jaeseon Han Profile]

□ Name Jae-seon Han (韓在善)

□ Birth Born on November 24, 1972

□ Education

2000 ~ 2005: Ph.D. in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, KAIST Graduate School

1998 ~ 2000: Master of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, KAIST Graduate School

1992 ~ 1998: Bachelor of Electronics Engineering, Pusan ​​National University

□ Biography

2018 ~ Present: CEO of Ground X

2014 ~ 2018: Future Play co-founder and CTO

2011 ~ 2014: CEO of KT NexR

2011 ~ 2014: Chief Technology Officer of KT Cloudware

2007 ~ 2011: Founder and CEO of NexR

2007 KAIST Graduate School of Information and Media Management Adjunct Professor


Author/ Translator: Jamie Kim
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