JPMorgan CEO “Regulators Should Pay Attention Before Cryptocurrency Market Gets Bigger”

JPMorgan CEO Jamie Diman told ICI’s CEO Eric J.Fan in a May 6 (local time) conversation that the regulators had more money for cryptocurrency instead of the Dodd-Frank method before the initial market grew untamable. Urged attention. This is reported by YouTube.


“At three trillion dollars, four trillion dollars, and five trillion dollars, grandmothers also start to buy, and people start to get ripped off and ransomware goes to 100 cities instead of 30, which will be devastating.”

Still not a bitcoin fan, Daimon notes that the cumulative value of all cryptocurrencies has already exceeded $2 trillion, arguing that it is “time to design a legal, regulatory and tax framework for a new asset class.” did.

“So I don’t like Bitcoin, but forget if I like it or not. Cryptocurrency laws, regulations, tax-related frameworks, and AML (anti-money laundering) must exist. Now this market is worth two trillion dollars.”

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Author/ Translator: Jamie Kim
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