IT startup’Space Bank’ publishes ‘2021 Space Trend’ containing spatial trend insights

IT startup’Space Bank’ publishes ‘2021 Space Trend’ with spatial trend insights

‘Space Bank’s Space Research Institute (Director Wonhee Lee)’ announced on the 19th that it published the book <2021 Space Trend-Spaces met by Spacebank (hereinafter ‘2021 Space Trend’)> on the 15th.

Space Bank Space Research Institute is a space trend analysis laboratory established by Space Bank with the motto of “Connecting the spaces of neighbors.” Space Bank is a Pangyo Startup Zone established by the Ministry of Small and Medium Venture Businesses and operated by the Startup Promotion Agency and Gyeonggi Creative Economy Innovation Center. As a tenant company, it operated a space sharing platform based on Proptech and launched a tech biz brand’RAIID’.

Space Bank’s Space Research Center serves as a private advisor to the big data platform of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, as a technical advisor for platform and service-based companies, and as a data-based business advisor. Based on research, experiences, and examples of space over the past year, this ‘2021 Space Trend’ was published.

▲ A space for brand experience, ▲ a space containing personal stories, ▲ a space containing changes over time, ▲ a space containing social values, a total of 4 themes, 19 spaces to examine the flow of texts, photos, and trends. It can be met through data that can be used.

Space Bank organized a’Book Certification Shot Event’ to commemorate the publication of a new book. If you upload your book purchase verification shot to SNS along with the required hashtag, you will receive a 10,000 won gift certificate to 5 people through a lottery. Details can be found on the official blog of Spacebank. If you purchase it online at Kyobo Bookstore, you can receive the Space Bank MD product as a free gift.

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The book ‘2021 Space Trend,’ a book that contains stories of various spaces and data insights about it, can be found at online book sites such as Yes24 and Aladdin, and online and offline book retailers such as Kyobo Bookstore and Youngpoong Bookstore.

A spacebank official said, “I hope that through the 2021 spatial trend, readers will be able to gain insights into the value and meaning of space and the direction the offline space should go in the non-face-to-face era.” It would be great if the states could find a way out a little while they are having a hard time.”


Author/ Translator: Jamie Kim
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