IPFSTAR Launches File Coin Mining Free Trial Package

IPFSTAR is launching a free trial package for Filecoin mining in order to create a wider awareness and consensus for Filecoin and to give ordinary investors an opportunity to learn and learn more about Filecoin.

IPFSTAR presents a free trial package for file coin mining.

In 2021, major changes in the global economy, politics, technology, and social life take place, leading to a reorganization of the existing game. Bitcoin, a leading player in the blockchain world, surpassed Facebook’s market capitalization of $1 trillion and rose to the 6th place in the world’s top asset rankings.

Filecoin is recognized as the foundation of the next generation Internet as an incentive layer of the IPFS distributed file system and forms a global consensus. Filecoin mining is a new promising circuit following BTC and ETH mining, symbolizing a new stage in the blockchain.

Currently, the fact that the effective hash power of the entire Filecoin network exceeds 3EiB means an improvement in the ability to store large-scale distributed data. In particular, IPFSTAR is introducing the’File Coin Mining Free Trial Package’ in order to create a wider awareness and consensus for Filecoin and to provide opportunities for ordinary investors to learn and learn more about Filecoin.

◇’Pilecoin mining free trial package’ event information

If you forward this article to Naver blog, cafe, Kakao, Telegram, and band groups, and send sharing links and screenshots to IPFSTAR customer service, you can receive a file coin mining experience package for only 500 people after review.

◇Event background

IPFSTAR created the’IPFSTAR Ecological Fund’ to promote the development of Filecoin data storage and ecological application programs, and invested 20000FIL for the first period to expand Filecoin consensus and promote the development of ecosystem utilization. Currently, it is tentatively in progress in phase 2.

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In the first phase, the’Pilcoin Mining Free Trial Package’ event will be launched to provide opportunities for ordinary investors to learn and learn about Filecoin, and to further strengthen the new capabilities of the Filecoin community.

In the second stage, Filecoin application development hackathons and accelerators are organized, and the developer encourages and mentors the creation of the Filecoin ecosystem to accumulate energy for the actual application of Filecoin.

On March 12, at 15:00, the YouTube online forum’BOOMING 2021′, hosted by Coinin and BLOCK GLOBAL and co-hosted by IPFSTAR, hosted organizations such as Filecoin Official Team Protocol Labs, the world’s leading investment institution Hashiki Capital, NGC Ventures, and Long Hash Ventures. Invited as a guest, we will jointly discuss the subject of’How will the file coin ecology thrive?’

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Author/ Translator: Jamie Kim
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