‘Investigation of collapse disaster to construction company’ Search and seizure of Hyundai Development Company headquarters

‘Demolition building collapse disaster’ Hyundai Industrial Development Headquarters raided [Photo: Yonhap News]

[Digital Today Correspondent Cho Sin-eum] The police raided the headquarters of Hyundai Industrial Development (HDC), the contractor of the redevelopment project, in relation to the collapse of the demolished building in Gwangju.

The Gwangju Police Agency’s investigation headquarters executed a search and seizure warrant at 10 am on the 16th at the Hyundai Industrial Development headquarters in Seoul with support from the National Investigation Headquarters of the National Police Agency.

The police plan to secure demolition-related contracts from the HDC Construction Headquarters, etc., and find out in detail what information the headquarters and site officials exchanged regarding the demolition work.

Hyundai Development Company is the contractor for the redevelopment project in the 4th district of Hakdong, Gwangju, in which 17 people were killed and injured in the collapse of a building that was being demolished.

For the dismantling of general buildings that had collapsed, the construction company, Hyundai Development Company, entrusted the construction work to Hansol Corporation, but Hansol entrusted the actual construction to the Gwangju area company, Backsol Construction, in the form of subcontracting.

Hyundai Development Company is suspected of directly or indirectly affecting the accident as it ordered excessive watering in the process of demolition work, being aware of dust complaints, and the soil that had become heavy with water collapsed.

Also, unlike Hyundai Development Company’s explanation that “there was no subcontract,” the fact of subcontracting the demolition work was confirmed, and the illegality of the contract is also subject to investigation.

Author/ Translator: Jamie Kim
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