[HR] Financial Services Commission Manager Level

<Supervisor level telegram>

Head of Administrative Personnel Section
Wook Seon (Current Head of Industrial Finance Division)
Head of Financial Consumer Policy Division
Seongki Hong (Currently, Head of the General Finance Department)
General Manager of Finance Section
Seok-ran Lee (Current Head of Financial Market Analysis Division)
Head of Financial Market Analysis Division
Soo-Young Lee (Currently Head of Household Finance Section)
Head of Industrial Finance Division
Seong-Jo Kim (Currently Head of Administrative Personnel Division)
Head of Corporate Structural Improvement Division
Sang-Hoon Shin (Current Headquarters)
Insurance Manager
Dong-Yeop Lee (Current Secretary of the Chairman)
Head of Financial Innovation Division
Joo-Young Park (Currently Head of Financial Data Policy Division)
Chairman secretary
Go Young-ho (Current Headquarters)
Corona 19 Emergency Response Team
Green Finance Team Leader
Hyun-Cheol Yoon (Current Financial Policy Division)

[2021. 3. 4日]

Bank manager
Yeonjun Kim (Currently Head of Fair Market Section)
Head of FIU System Operation Division
Hyo-Shin Kim (Currently dispatched to the Public Finance Agency)
Corporate Accounting Team Leader
Byung-Kwan Song (Currently dispatched to the Bank of Korea)

[2021. 3. 9日 (internal)]

Head of Household Finance Section
Kwon Yoo-Lee (Currently, Regulatory Reform Legal Officer)
Fair Market Manager
Jae-Hoon Park (Current Presidential Secretary’s Office)
Head of Financial Data Policy Division
Jang-Soo Shin (Currently Head of Financial Support Division)
Financial Public Data Officer
Cho Chung-haeng (Currently dispatched to the National Intelligence Service)
Financial Regulation Sandbox Team Leader
Moon Hee Cho (Currently Head of Policy and Public Relations Team)
Policy Promotion Team Leader
Dong-Wook Lee (Currently dispatched to the National Economic Advisory Council)
Physician Operation Information Team Leader
Hyun-Jik Jeong (Currently, Audit Officer’s Office)
Head of Financial Support Division, Financial Stability Support Group
Kim Jung-Myung (Currently, Head of Physician Management Information Team)
Head of Industry Support Team, Financial Stability Support Group
Jin-ho Lee (Currently Head of Social Finance Team)
Corona 19 Emergency Response Team
Head of New Deal Finance Division
Jeon Su-Han (Currently, Head of Industry Support Team)

[2021. 3. 12日 (internal)]


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