Held as a video conference of 「2021 OECD Global Congress Network (GPN) Conference」

Held as a video conference of 「2021 OECD Global Congress Network (GPN) Conference」
-Held for two days on the 9th (Tuesday) and 10th (Wednesday), attended by Rep. Chang-Hyun Yoon and the Democratic Party, Rep. Kang Seon-woo as representative of the Republic of Korea
-On the 9th (Tue), discussions on global social polarization issues with the theme of’recovery of transformative economy’
-At 9 pm on the 10th (Wed),’Health problems caused by Corona 19′ will be discussed.

The “2021 OECD Global Parliament Network (GPN) Conference” was held on February 9 (Tuesday) at 9 pm (KST) in the first meeting room (video conference room) of the Assembly Hall.

The “OECD Global Congress Network Conference” was established to discuss major issues of the OECD and seek rational solutions to major global economic issues, and was originally held at the OECD headquarters (Paris, France) every February. However, this year, it was held as a video conference in consideration of the Corona 19 situation.

At this meeting, 268 parliamentary representatives from 69 countries attended, as representatives of the Korean National Assembly, Rep. Chang-Hyun Yoon (the power of the people) and Seon-woo Kang (the Democratic Party). Representatives of each country’s parliament will discuss’transformative economic recovery’ as the theme of the meeting ▲consensus building for economic, social and environmental progress, ▲sustainable and inclusive economic recovery, ▲in-depth discussions on tax issues resulting from the digitalization of the economy I had time to do it.

In the session <Sustainable and Inclusive Economic Recovery Plan>, Rep. Chang-Hyun Yoon said, “In the current situation where the debt ratio is increasing worldwide due to the Corona 19 crisis, the Maastricht Treaty, which was traditionally applied to determine the level of debt, is applied as it is. It is unreasonable to do it,” stressing, “It is necessary to establish a new criterion for judgment in consideration of the rapidly changing economic situation due to Corona 19, and the macro average of household, corporate, and government debt or the rate of debt increase judge the debt situation. It can be a good criterion for doing so,” urged the attention of OECD experts and representatives of national parliaments.

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In the session <Building Consensus for Economic, Social and Environmental Progress>, Rep. Kang Sun-woo said, “The global economy and the job market are severely affected by Corona 19. As the K-shaped polarization, which is becoming more vulnerable to social weakness, is not just a problem in Korea, it is a problem shared by the world, so today’s meeting to seek ways to overcome the crisis is very timely,” he sympathized with the importance of this meeting. In addition, he emphasized that “the priority of support targets should be established according to the financial conditions of each country, and a bold and detailed fiscal policy design should be made”. “Recently, the OECD has argued that Korea’s inclusive growth has shifted from growth-oriented policies to growth-distribution It has been evaluated as a shift in the policy paradigm that considers the balance of energy.”

The 「2021 OECD Global Congress Network Conference」 will be held at 9 pm on Wednesday, February 10, ▲International cooperation for the universal use of vaccines, ▲Resilience of the medical system exposed by Corona 19, ▲Corona 19 spirit The meeting is scheduled to continue on the agenda of the health issues caused by Corona 19, such as its impact on health.

Meanwhile, the “OECD Global Congress Network Meeting” was held jointly by the OECD Secretariat and the NATO Congressional Federation inviting members of the NATO Congressional Federation, but from 2001, the size of the invitation was expanded to the representatives of non-NATO-OECD members. Accordingly, the National Assembly of the Republic of Korea has been attending the conference since 2001 and has been striving to establish a foundation for continuous cooperation with the OECD and delegations of parliamentary countries.

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