Gyeongnam Contents Enterprise Support Center “Gyeongnam Regional Content Startup” Performance Sharing Meeting

Gyeongnam Contents Enterprise Support Center’Gyeongnam Regional Content Startup’ held a performance sharing event

-‘2020 Global Marketing Support Program’ and’Scale Up Investment Promotion Support Program’
-This coming January 20th at 2pm, the content startup support program performance sharing session will be sent to YouTube.

The Gyeongnam Contents Enterprise Support Center of the Gyeongnam Culture and Arts Promotion Agency announced the one-year achievements of the’Global Marketing Support Project’ and the’Scale Up Investment Promotion Support Program’ in the content field of Gyeongnam region at 2 pm on the 20th. The’Scale Up Performance Sharing Party’ is held online.

Both the’Global Marketing Support Project’ and the’Scale Up Investment Promotion Support Program’ are programs for global expansion and investment attraction specialized growth support programs for companies in the Gyeongnam Contents Enterprise Support Center.

‘Scale Up Investment Promotion Support Program (Operation: Series Ventures Inc.) discovers 11 excellent content companies and registers projects on the actual crowdfunding platform through investment-specific mentoring and crowdfunding support, as well as training for investment-specialized founders. It supported item promotion and market development, and supported investment linkage in the seed stage of early startups.

The’Global Marketing Support Project’ (operation: L2 Plan Co., Ltd.) is a program designed to provide a foothold for content startups to enter the global market. Nine content companies that can enter overseas are selected and customized overseas expansion strategies for each company. In addition to support for establishment, global promotion support and exhibition participation support were provided.

This event will be conducted with the minimum number of people by providing a space in the demonstration hall on the 1st floor of the Gyeongnam Contents Enterprise Support Center in compliance with the COVID-19 prevention rules, and will be broadcast in real time through a relay system. The event will be divided into three parts, and in Part 1, the achievements of eight companies that have received’global marketing support’ and their overseas expansion strategies will be announced. The second part consists of a talk concert by Pororo contents planner, CEO Choi Jong-il, who created 800 billion won brand value, and talks about strategies for global content development and investment attraction. In Part 3, IR events are scheduled for companies participating in the scale-up investment attraction program targeting professional investment judges.

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Those who want to participate, such as those from Gyeongsangnam-do, representatives of content startups participating in each program, managers of investment organizations specializing in the content field, and general people interested in the content field, can see through the Gyeongnam Contents Enterprise Support Center YouTube channel.

Gyeongnam Culture and Arts Promotion Agency said, “Through these two programs, we supported the growth of a total of 20 content startups.” “All participating companies showed meaningful results in the areas of global expansion capabilities, investment attraction, and sales growth. In the case of Anstory, it succeeded in advancing into Vietnam, and Kick-the-Hur Co., Ltd. expects 4 billion won in product sales through media content production and promotion. In addition, all the companies that participated in the crowdfunding project have borne the fruit of project success.”
“Through this performance-sharing meeting, it is expected that the growth and capacity of excellent content start-ups that are active in the region, especially Gyeongnam will be promoted externally, and it will bring great effects to economic revitalization such as job creation and investment attraction in the Gyeongnam region. I do” he said.