Get soft hands, take you to the early airdrop of the “fairy-level” DeFi project

In the currency circle, the most enviable thing is not to buy skyrocketing coins, but the empty glove white wolf, low cost or even zero cost to airdrop wool from the project party.

Counting down the fairy-level airdrops in the DeFi world in the past year, it is no exaggeration to say that with a little heart, there is no problem with picking up a Porsche.

If you have the strength to get red envelopes, don’t find someone to cut it every day. The airdrop of the currency circle tells you that all the money is brought by the wind. such as:

2020/9, Uniswap airdrop, 400 UNIs per account, currently worth 80,000.

2020/12, 1INCH airdrop, at least 600 pieces, an average of 1,629 pieces, the current minimum is 16,000, and an average of 42,000.

2020/12, Tokenlon airdrop, at least 20 pieces, generally received hundreds of pieces, the current price of 300 pieces is 12,000.

2021/3, Inverse Finance airdrop, the account received about 80 INVs, worth about 800,000…

Of course, there are some fairy-level projects, the value of airdrops is directly against the sky, such as the NFT concept project MEME, participate, bang, give you a big villa…

It must be emphasized that there are many airdrops in the currency circle, and the above list is only a small part. In addition, we only discuss those that are truly high-quality, and today, without exception, are airdrops for well-known projects on the DeFi track.

The DeFi project airdrop is so rich, how can we participate? You’ll know after reading it.

5 postures to take you to participate in the early airdrop of DeFi projects

Early DeFi project airdrops mainly involved personal participation and contract interaction with the project through the on-chain wallet. Take Uniswap as an example, that is, make a transaction after logging in.

Today, the logic of the project’s airdrop has been very diverse. We sorted out the current 5 paths to obtain airdrops. Of course, it is uncertain whether there is an airdrop or not. Those that indicate that they will give you an airdrop, history proves that it is generally not good.

1. Contract interaction.

Contract interaction is suitable for DeFi projects that have not yet issued coins.

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For example, DYDX (, which has a lot of recent moves and has a high probability of issuing coins and airdrops, is an old project that integrates lending, futures contracts and many other game methods. .

The way to participate is very simple. After connecting to the wallet address, put ETH and other qualified currencies into the agreement, and then operate the loan or futures contract.

Today, Ethereum’s contract interaction requires at least two operations on the chain, to put coins in and bring them out, so some costs are required.

2. Test net trial

There is a high probability that the testnet trial can be zero, and all it takes is some time.

Take the derivatives trading project Kine (, which is currently undergoing preliminary testing on the Kovan testnet of Ethereum. Logically, you need to receive the test currency on Kovan first, and then use the test currency to go to the contract to try out products including lending, mortgage, and contract.

At present, the concept of the second layer network of Ethereum is very popular, including the zkSync project like Lingzhi direction has opened a test network, and more projects are testing products on different second layer networks including Optimistic, for DeFi scientists and practitioners In terms of rushing in for contract interaction, it is possible to get valuable token airdrops in the future.

3. Donation

The so-called donation is to donate money to some project parties that have not issued coins or are still in the development stage. When they issue coins, they may provide token airdrops to those who have helped them in the previous period.

For example, a very well-known donation website is Gitcoin (, which is a product proposed by V God, the founder of Ethereum, in order to solve the problem of low efficiency in financing Ethereum ecological projects. Earlier, the more popular Mask Network project airdropped the token Mask to donors participating in the 8th round of Gitcoin fundraising.

Now, Gitcoin is conducting the 9th round of donation activities. The way to participate is very simple. Log on to the website, select the project party, and send coins to the other party. You don’t need too much. One USDT may be enough to win a motorcycle.

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In addition, Hackerlink ( seems to be an emerging donation platform, the most difficult to be more active.

4. Agreement governance

Protocol governance is a relatively high-level DeFi project airdrop gameplay. Simply put, it is to participate in the on-chain governance of the DeFi project and make suggestions for the project. For example, if you go to participate in Uniswap or Sushiswap’s on-chain governance, it’s okay to vote for their governance plan. This is almost zero cost, but the prerequisite for participation is that you need to have some corresponding tokens in your wallet.

The airdrop logic of protocol governance is that a new project has cooperated with Uniswap, or simply a new project, it needs to attract active DeFi users, then the wallet addresses that have participated in the on-chain governance are the “suitable users” they think. So the tokens were airdropped.

At present, there are two main paths for protocol governance. One is a forum built by the project party. For example, Uniswap has its own protocol governance page. The other is a dedicated governance platform, such as snapshot ( Currently, Sushi is working on a proposal. If your wallet has SUSHI, then go and participate.

5. Unpredictable airdrop

As mentioned above, when a new project comes out, it will encounter a problem. Who is the airdrop for? Who are their real potential users? This standard is in the hands of the project party. Therefore, different project parties will have their own airdrop logic.

For example, Rekt, which is a DeFi-related content website (, you can apply for its account, because the content is too hard-core, the project party thinks that it The user of is also a high-quality player of DeFi, so airdrop.

What new path have you found, please leave us a message.

To participate in the DeFi airdrop, you need these basic skills

To participate in the DeFI airdrop, you need some “labor tools” and some DeFi knowledge, because chain operations are difficult for investors who can only buy and sell coins. Of course, you also need to have the spirit of exploration and the crazily thirst for wealth…

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The tools of labor are simple.

1. Go online scientifically, because most DeFi projects are overseas projects.

2. Little Fox Wallet Plug-in + Google Chrome, the former is the door to the DeFi world. Of course, the wheat wallet can be used to make a living.

3. There must be some ETH in the wallet, which is a handling fee for on-chain operations.

4. Youdao dictionary can help you translate English that you don’t understand.

Basic knowledge of DeFi:

1. Look for high-quality projects with the possibility of airdrops.

2. The sooner you participate, the better! Airdrops are time-limited, such as before it is issued.

3. Be patient and wait for the wind to blow the money.

What’s cooler than participating in the DeFi airdrop is to witness history!

The content mentioned above can help you quickly become a small DeFi expert, and you can definitely get good wool.

You have to know that the airdrop logic of the DeFi project comes down to only one, and that is to find real core users and active users for the project.

When you really become a core user of DeFi products, it is natural to get airdrops. For DeFi scientists, money is really windy, because these projects themselves exist to solve people’s financial needs, and they are used because they are really easy to use.

Author/ Translator: Jamie Kim
Bio: Jamie Kim is a technology journalist. Raised in Hong Kong and always vocal at heart. She aims to share her expertise with the readers at Kim is a Bitcoin maximalist who believes with unwavering conviction that Bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency – in fact, currency – worth caring about.