Funding from Ethereum infrastructure developer Consensys, Mastercard and JP Morgan

Cryptocurrency Ethereum (ETH) infrastructure developer ConsenSys (founder Joseph Rubin, Ethereum co-founder) announced on the 13th that financing of $65 million (about 7 billion yen) has been completed. Coinpost reported on the 14th.

Investment companies include large financial companies such as Mastercard, JP Morgan, and UBS. With this funding, it will accelerate the convergence of existing financial services by promoting the development of DeFi (decentralized finance), Web3 (decentralized Internet), and enterprise blockchain infrastructure on the Ethereum network.

Consensys is an American company that develops next-generation apps, builds financial infrastructure, and distributes web services for companies, developers and the general public around the world. Recently, on the 30th of last month, it announced the launch of the Ethereum blockchain-based NFT (non-replaceable token) platform.

In addition to the above three companies, the main companies that participated in this investment are as follows. The participation of blockchain-related companies has also been remarkable, and there are 14 companies in total. Among them, it is said that some companies invested in DAI or USDC, which are Ethereum-based stable coins.

– Maker Foundation
– Alameda Research
– Protocol Labs
– Fenbushi
– The LAO

Raj Dhamodharan, director of the Mastercard Digital Assets and Blockchain related team, explained in this announcement that the company is currently pursuing a strategy specific to digital currency and supporting the central bank to review digital currency issuance. And, I commented below.

“The enterprise network’Enterprise Ethereum’ is an important infrastructure for us. It has the potential to support the future of commerce. Partnering by investing in Consensys leads to building valuable solutions.”

(暗号資産(仮想通貨) イーサリアム(ETH) のソフトウェア企業 ConsenSys, 13 days, 6,500 万ドル(約70億円) 資金調達調達調達調達調達調達調達調達調達調達調達達想達調達.

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