Flare Network Can Integrate Cardano (ADA) After User Vote

Flare Networks, which became famous by announcing a native token Spark token airdrop to Ripple (XRP) holders, is considering the integration of Cardano’s native token ADA (ADA). It launched a public opinion poll via official Twitter to find out the opinions of the community. This was reported by YouTube on the 20th (local time).

※ Flare Network: A project launched with the aim of introducing smart contract functions to Ripple (XRP)’s network.

There have been 12,575 votes so far, with 83% in favor of the consolidation.

The Flare Network and XRPL utility forks are already on the list of Ripple’s XRP, Bitcoin’s hard fork Litecoin (LTC), LTC’s hard fork DOGE, and Stellar’s XLM.

Currently, it is considering the integration of ADA. By making it compatible, ADA can be used on the Flare Network that implements smart contracts using the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

In addition to XRP, the Flare Network integrates other ecosystem systems to combine the liquidity of multiple stocks with a common smart contract.

(Flare Networks considers integrating Cardano’s native token ADA.It has launched a poll on its official Twitter handle to find out the community’s opinion.)

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