Financial Services Commission-Korea Fintech Support Center..’Korea Fintech Week 2021′ Simultaneous holding on and offline

Financial Services Commission-Korea Fintech Support Center..’Korea Fintech Week 2021′ simultaneously held online and offline

The Financial Services Commission (Chairman: Seongsu Eun) and the Korea Fintech Support Center (Chairman: Yushin Jeong) announced that “Korea Fintech Week 2021” will be held for 3 days from the 26th to the 28th.

Korea Fintech Week 2021, which marks its third year this year, will be held in parallel on and offline. For safety reasons, only those invited in advance can enter the offline event, and anyone can watch it online for free through live broadcasting.

This Korea Fintech Week 2021 features investment, networking, recruitment, education, and audience experiences under the theme of’fintech and sustainable financial innovation’. The’Fintech Company IR’ scheduled on the first day is an event where fintech companies can directly introduce their services to investors and get an opportunity to attract investment. On the second day, a one-on-one real-time meeting with investors and financial companies will be held through’fintech company-investor conference’ and’networking meetup’.

In the online exhibition hall implemented in 3D, you can view digital contents of about 150 companies, including fintech companies, financial companies, and related institutions. ▲ Fintech Policy Hall (Relevant Agency Hall) 8 exhibition halls ▲ Financial Fintech Hall 21 exhibition halls ▲ Fintech Startup Hall 39 exhibition halls ▲ Fintech Scale Up Hall 39 exhibition halls ▲ Global Hall consisting of 146 exhibition halls including 39 exhibition halls have. According to the Korea Fintech Support Center, although it is online, it is possible to communicate in real time, such as exchanging business cards or requesting meetings with others as if attending an offline event.

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On the other hand, the’Education Hall’ provides lectures by subject such as open banking and big data that are located in everyday life. Anyone can take a fintech-related training course and get a certificate of completion. For group courses, prior application must be completed by the 19th of this month.

In addition, 11 financial institutions and 43 fintech companies provide recruitment-related information in the’Recruitment Hall’, and some of them even proceed to actual recruitment. In the’Fintech Employment Talk’ held on the 28th, you can hear vivid stories of fintech employment by Trust One, CEOs of Payple, Shinhan Bank and Kakao Pay employees.

The’Online Experience Center’ consists of the’Voice Phishing Prevention Experience Center’ and’Easy to Know Fintech’, and various seminars and special sessions are prepared under the theme of’Fintech and Sustainable Financial Innovation’.

“Korea Fintech Week 2021 is a festival where anyone can enjoy fintech anytime, anywhere.” Said.

For more information on’Korea Fintech Week 2021′, you can check the website of the fair and apply in advance.


Author/ Translator: Jamie Kim
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