ESG management visited the cryptocurrency exchange.. Established Doonamu ‘Upbit Digital Asset Investor Protection Center (tentative name)’

ESG management visited the cryptocurrency exchange.. Established Doonamu’Upbit Digital Asset Investor Protection Center (tentative name)’

Blockchain and fintech specialist Dunamu (CEO Lee Seok-woo) announced on the 6th that it will establish the’Upbit Digital Asset Investor Protection Center (tentative name)’ with an investment of 10 billion won. The goal is to fulfill corporate social responsibilities and to lay the foundation for environmental, social and governance (ESG) management in the long run, led by the Chairman of the Board of Directors Doonamu Chi-hyung Song. The plan is to establish the’Upbit Digital Asset Investor Protection Center’ as the first stage, and to establish the’ESG Management Committee’, chaired by Chairman Chi-Hyung Song, in 2022.

The main programs of the’Upbit Digital Asset Investor Protection Center’ are ▲education and research on digital assets, ▲a campaign for analysis and prevention of digital asset fraud types, ▲legal support and counseling for victims of digital asset fraud, ▲digital asset fraud damages Some are preservation and emergency low-interest loan assistance. With the healthy growth of the market and investor protection at the core, we plan to promote activities that lay the foundation for the future society that digital assets and blockchain will bring.

An official from Doona said, “while operating the’listed fraud reporting channel’ directly under the CEO, we felt the need for education to help accurately understand digital assets, protect investors, and take active measures to prevent damage. It was decided to establish the’Upbit Digital Asset Investor Protection Center’ after continuing to think about how to contribute to society that fits its essence.” In addition, he added, “We plan to closely monitor the situation faced by investors and create a program so that there are no blind spots.”

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Doonamu organized a preparatory committee with the goal of establishing the’Upbit Digital Asset Investor Protection Center’ within this year. Vice President Kim Hyeong-nyeon Doo Namu is the chairman of the preparatory committee, Seok-Woo Lee, CEO of Doo Namu is the vice-chairman, and Seung-Hyun Nam CFO (Chief Financial Officer, Chief Financial Officer) and Min-suk Jung (Chief Operating Officer) are in charge of the in-house preparation committee. Outside preparation committee members who will add strength to the development of the industry are also planning to join.

Meanwhile, Upbit, which was launched in October 2017, is the most trusted global standard digital asset exchange, and has been leading the industry by setting various standards for transparent and convenient digital asset trading. UBCI, the first digital asset index in Korea, was developed, and for the first time on a digital asset exchange, the listing screening principles and post-listing management guidelines were disclosed, and a project disclosure system was introduced. It is also taking the lead in protecting investors and establishing a sound trading order by opening a channel to report fraud on listing, a channel to report on incitement and pre-trade through YouTube broadcasting and other media.

Founded in 2012, Doonamu (CEO Seok-Woo Lee) established the most trusted global standard digital asset exchange’Upbit’, a social trading-based stock platform’Securities Plus (formerly KakaoStock)’, and an unlisted stock integrated trading platform’Securities Plus Unlisted’. In service. Doonamu provides the best services in each field of digital assets, securities, and asset management, and is attracting great attention not only in the domestic but also in the global market for its professional manpower, innovative services, and excellent technology. In March 2019, the in-house blockchain research institute’Lambda 256′ spun off as an independent corporation, officially launching the world’s first consortium-based blockchain service platform’Luniverse’, taking the lead in expanding the blockchain ecosystem. In addition, it is investing 100 billion won in blockchain startups through its subsidiary Doonamu & Partners.

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Author/ Translator: Jamie Kim
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