Escrow-based P2P digital asset trading app ‘BITRO’ Release

Escrow-based P2P digital asset trading app ‘BITRO’ Release
Vitro app image.

[Digital Today Reporter Chigyu Hwang] On the 20th, a blockchain-specialized startup Gemper announced on the 20th that it has launched a digital asset P2P transaction app’Bitro’ based on the bitcoin escrow function.

Bitro is a service that allows users to freely trade digital assets owned by users with other digital assets. Unlike existing transaction services, Bitro allows users to directly select and trade with the desired partner and market price.

It supports transactions based on Bitcoin and KRW, and plans to support various asset transactions in the future. The Bitro app is available in both Android and iOS versions.

According to the company, Bitro can protect assets from transaction accidents because the user does not send the bitcoin to the other party when trading bitcoin, but through the escrow function.

Gambler explained, “Bitro allows users to store bitcoins in the system as much as the transaction amount and automatically transfer them when the transaction is completed.” did.

Gemper CEO Lee Joon-seop said, “We checked users’ service demand through the beta version released on the web last year, and this time we released the official version as an app, reflecting the improvements several times.” Came in. In the future, Bitro wants to expand into various fields that can be traded through blockchain and cryptocurrency, such as B2B settlement liquidation, point system modeled after ICO model, real estate, fund transaction, etc. within the legal framework.”

Gambler was founded in 2018 and consists of personnel from Coinplug, a blockchain specialized company. It also attracted seed investment from Strong Ventures. Bae Bae, CEO of Strong Ventures, said, “I think Bitro is the most ideal blockchain application case, where both issuers and users can freely exchange different assets with each other. It has a bitcoin escrow function, so you can use it with confidence.”