Diastar expands sales channels for virtual asset payment service by signing an additional sales agreement for 6 hotels in Korea

ASTATOUR (CEO Seung-ho Choi) announced on the 17th that it has signed additional sales agreements with △Including Imperial Palace Seoul △Skybay Hotel Gyeongpo △Hotel Foret △Felix by STX △Korea Palace Hanok Hotel △Topsten Gangneung Hotel .

The ASTA, the first to introduce an OTA travel platform that allows payment with virtual assets, is leading the change in the travel platform market amid the prolonged epidemic of the novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19).

Diastar is an integrated platform renewed by Astatour to expand its business area in all directions. The platform will be released after mid-month. The Diastar platform plans to use the virtual asset Asta (ASTA) to expand the range of use from mobile voucher payments to the mobile commerce market to increase the usability of Asta and secure its popularity.

Imperial Palace Seoul, which has signed a sales agreement this time, is a five-star hotel in Gangnam, Seoul, boasting an old-fashioned exterior, and over 400 artworks on display inside the hotel. Free access to the fitness club and swimming pool with access to the Italian luxury fitness equipment Techno Gym.

Sky Bay Hotel Gyeongpo, dreaming of becoming a Korean version of Marina Bay Sands Hotel, is located between Gyeongpo Beach and Gyeongpo Lake, and you can enjoy the surrounding scenery from all rooms. As it became known, it became famous.

Hotel Foret is conducting business alliances with a total of three branches at Busan Station, Nampo and Haeundae. Hotel Foret, located in each base area of ​​Busan, is a representative business hotel and is known for its excellent customer satisfaction and good value for money.

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Felix by STX is a 42-story building with beautiful views of Haeundae and the sea of ​​Busan, and is directly connected to Haeundae Station, providing excellent accessibility and convenient transportation environment.

The Hanok Hotel in Goryeo Palace goes beyond reproducing hanok and relocated the old house of the four grandfathers as it was, giving the meaning of inheriting the value of traditional hanok. Top 10 Gangneung Hotel, which has emerged as the best view and sunrise spot on the East Coast, is a spot where you can enjoy the sunrise and sunset on the East Sea in the most beautiful ways with a sculpture park and a sky lounge in the hotel.

Park Chang-gyun, general director of Diastar, said, “We will be able to use the virtual asset Astar with the Diastar platform in a wide range of fields such as accommodation, tourism, shopping, and e-commerce. We are working hard to do so, so look forward to the future.

Since its establishment in November 2020, Astatour has entered into a sales agreement with more than 120 famous hotels and resorts in Korea by introducing virtual assets and payment services with the commercialization of hotel sales. It is proving the brand value with a highly usable virtual asset payment service that satisfies consumers’ cost-performance ratio.

Meanwhile, the mobile voucher installed on the Diastar platform is scheduled to open after the official service launch in March.


Author/ Translator: Jamie Kim
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