DeFi lock-up volume hits a record high of 110 billion U.S. dollars, South Korea’s Financial Services Agency intends to approve an encrypted fund

DeFi lock-up volume hits a record high of 110 billion U.S. dollars, South Korea’s Financial Services Agency intends to approve an encrypted fund

According to statistics from PANews, there were 33 project financing acquisitions in the blockchain field announced this week, involving an amount of approximately US$987 million (excluding projects for which the specific investment and financing amount has not been disclosed). The scope of investment and financing projects involves development, trading platforms, and mining. , Protocol, DeFi, NFT and other fields.

Regulatory dynamics

1. Legislators of the Democratic Party of Korea: A provisional proposal for the encryption system bill will be made early next week

On May 2, according to Yonhap News Agency, Lee Yong-woo, a legislator of the Democratic Party of Korea, said on May 2 that the content of the cryptocurrency system bill will be launched soon, and he plans to propose a provisional proposal for the formulation of a virtual asset industry law early next week. It is reported that Lee Yong-woo is an expert in the field of finance and IT, and was the CEO of Kakao Bank. The provisional bill stipulates that when a new cryptocurrency is issued, the exchange should publish a white paper that clearly states the scale and risk of the issuance. In addition, to save virtual assets in financial institutions to deal with the risk of fraudulent losses, exchanges must verify the real-name information of investors. Lee Yong-woo said, “We will be able to improve market transparency and security through institutionalization and supervision.”

2. Australia may launch its first crypto ETF at the end of this year

On April 30, according to Finbold reports, the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) is currently reviewing several crypto ETF applications, and the first product is expected to be launched by the end of this year. Australian Securities Exchange executive general manager Max Cunningham said that with the increase in mainstream adoption, the exchange will spend more time on digital assets, and digital assets are worth exploring in this field. With the huge demand for digital assets in Australia, other related encryption products will be well received.

3. The Korean Financial Regulatory Authority plans to approve a crypto fund in early May

On April 29, according to reports, the Korean Financial Supervisory Authority plans to approve the cryptocurrency fund launched by Hanwha Asset Management. According to sources, the fund will be approved on May 2. It has not yet revealed which cryptocurrencies investors can trade.

4 Dutch authorities seized approximately $9.9 million in cryptocurrency in 2020

On April 26, according to Decrypt, the Dutch prosecutor’s office stated in an announcement last week that last year, Dutch authorities seized approximately 303 million euros (approximately US$367 million) in cash and cryptocurrency in criminal cases. Of the 303 million euros seized, about 8.2 million euros (9.9 million U.S. dollars) were Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, a significant increase from 2019. In 2019, the Dutch authorities confiscated only 1.1 million euros ($1.3 million) worth of cryptocurrency.

5. The U.S. SEC once again submitted a letter to contact foreign regulators regarding the Ripple case

On April 30, according to U.Today reports, the US SEC once again submitted a letter to US District Court Judge Sarah Netburn, stating that it is contacting foreign regulatory agencies to determine whether Ripple will affect the performance of XRP. Transaction data is the only way to determine this.


1.Gavin Wood officially added the parachain function to the Kusama network

On May 2nd news, Polkadot founder Gavin Wood has officially deployed parachain modules to Westend and Kusama Runtimes, which means that Parity has added the function of parachains to the Kusama network. The next Kusama upgrade will support parachains. . This is the first step for the Kusama parachain to go online. The next step is to implement governance voting and other deployment of whiteboard chains, public welfare parachains, etc., and then support the registration of the parachains of the project parties, that is, start the parachain slot auction.

2. Buffett refuses to discuss Bitcoin, Munger hates the success of Bitcoin

On May 2nd, at the 2021 Buffett shareholder meeting, when asked how to evaluate Bitcoin, Buffett refused to discuss this topic, and Munger said that I hate the success of Bitcoin and I don’t like this virtual currency. Kidnap our existing currency system. Bitcoin is like a financial product born out of thin air. I am not satisfied with this. I think this is contrary to the development of our civilization.

3. The income of Ethereum miners in April reached US$1.59 billion, a record high

According to The Block report, the revenue of Ethereum miners reached $1.59 billion in April, a record high. At the same time, Ethereum achieved another milestone that month, that is, the transaction volume exceeded 40 million for the first time in a month. According to the news on May 1, Asset Dash data shows that the market value of Ethereum has risen to the 25th place in the world by assets, currently about US$327.5 billion, which has surpassed P&G and PayPal, and is approaching Disney.

4. The DeFi fund launched by the listed mining company Argo Lianchuang is listed on the Aquis Stock Exchange in London

On April 30, according to CoinDesk, the publicly traded DeFi fund Dispersion Holdings established by the co-founders of listed mining company Argo was listed on the Aquis Stock Exchange in London under the stock code DEFI. It is reported that 9 million pounds (12.54 million US dollars) was raised on the day of the IPO. Investors included Schroders, a British asset management company.

Incoming traditional institutions

1. Warner Music will develop digital wearable NFT for its singers

On May 1st, Warner Music Group announced the establishment of a partnership with Genies, an avatar technology company, to develop 3D avatars and digital wearable NFTs for its singers. Fans will be able to purchase exclusive limited-edition props for their avatars, such as costumes, accessories and tattoos, to commemorate important moments when songs or albums are released, and use them on social media. Through the cooperation of Genies and Dapper Labs, stars can also transform their favorite cultural moments and the latest artistic creations into exclusive virtual props. Fans can permanently own and display them on their Genies avatars by purchasing them on the Genies market based on the Flowchain. use.

2. Latin America’s largest e-commerce Mercado Libre announced that it will accept Bitcoin to purchase real estate

On April 30th, according to Decrypt, the Argentine online trading market Mercado Libre has launched a cryptocurrency zone on its platform so that users can use Bitcoin to buy real estate. This new option applies to real estate in major cities in Argentina and Uruguay. Although the company does not directly settle property transactions, it legalizes it as a payment system. It is reported that Mercado Libre is an Argentine online store, listed in the United States. In 2016, its Latin American users reached 174.2 million, making it the largest e-commerce platform in Latin America, with operations in 18 countries, including the three largest markets of Brazil, Argentina and Mexico.

3. Japanese game giant Sega will issue NFT based on company IP and collectibles

On April 29, according to foreign media Ledgerinsights, Japanese gaming giant Sega announced that it will cooperate with blockchain startup double to develop digital collectibles based on the company’s gaming IP. At the same time, double has received investment from Sega for the development of NFT. It is understood that Sega is a Japanese video game company that has been among the top four game console manufacturers with Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft. Representative classic series include “Sonic the Hedgehog” and so on.

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4. JPMorgan Chase, DBS Bank, and Temasek set up Partior, a blockchain joint venture company

On April 28th, JPMorgan Chase, DBS Bank and Temasek announced the establishment of a joint venture technology company, Partior (in Latin for distribution and sharing), to implement digital clearing and settlement solutions through blockchain technology to provide payment, trade and Services such as foreign exchange settlement. The platform hopes to provide a 24/7 infrastructure that enables financial institutions and developers to jointly create use cases that support peer-to-peer payment (PVP), delivery peer-to-peer payment (DVP), and peer-to-peer hosting.

5. South Korean gaming giant Nexon has bought about $100 million in Bitcoin

On April 28th, according to Yonhap News Agency, South Korean gaming giant Nexon announced on the 28th that it had purchased 1,717 bitcoins at a unit price of 58,226. The transaction cost approximately $100 million, which is less than 2% of Nexon’s total cash and cash equivalents.

6. Bank of America will provide cryptocurrency custody products

On April 27, according to Coindesk, Bank of America said on Tuesday that in addition to its recent strategic investment in cryptocurrency infrastructure company Securrency, it will also cooperate with an unnamed sub-custodian to provide a new cryptocurrency. Managed products. Bank of America also announced that it has been selected to manage the New York Digital Investment Group (NYDIG) Bitcoin ETF, which is based on the long-term private fund service relationship between the bank and NYDIG.

7. The wine estate “YAO Family” founded by Yao Ming launches limited-edition NFT collections corresponding to physical wines

On April 26, it was reported that the wine estate “YAO Family” founded by former NBA superstar and chairman of the Chinese Basketball Association, Yao Ming, launched a new wine brand “THE CHOP” and a limited edition NFT collection. This is the world’s first digital collection with NFT Winery that matches the auction.

Investment and financing progress

1. The stable asset agreement Mercurial Finance completes financing

On May 2nd, Mercurial Finance, an on-chain stable asset agreement on Solana, officially announced the completion of financing. Alameda Research, Solana Ecological Fund, OKEx, Huobi and other institutions, Blockfolio founder Edward Moncad and other investors participated in the investment. Mercurial Finance aims to become the first dynamic stable asset vault on the chain, allowing users to store and mint stable assets. At the same time, Mercurial announced that it will become the new phase of FTX project and will be launched on the FTX platform on May 13.

2. “Infrastructure as a Service” project Pinknode completed 700,000 US dollars private equity financing

According to news on May 2, based on Polkadot’s “infrastructure as a service” project Pinknode completed a private equity financing of $700,000, Astronaut Capital, Moonrock Capital, Petrock Capital, Momentum 6, X21 Digital, Signum Capital, Faculty Capital, Digital Strategies, AU21 Capital , White Palm Ventures, Das Kapital and Eric Wang of Parity Technologies participated in the investment.

3. LiftDAO, a decentralized autonomous organization, completed more than $2 million in seed round financing

It was reported on May 2 that LiftDAO, a decentralized autonomous organization based on ERC20 blockchain technology, has completed more than $2 million in seed round financing during the launch of its creation.

4. DeFi light game CryptoTycoon completes seed round financing, and CryptoDiffer participates in the investment

On May 1, news, DeFi light game CryptoTycoon announced the completion of seed round financing, without disclosing the specific financing amount. Participating institutions include HappyBlock, CryptoDiffer, R8 Capital, A195 Capital, 4SV, AKG Venture, PrimeBlock Ventures, Amplio Capital (BitMart Labs), T3E (MW partners), Infinity Labs, CatcherVC, BenMo Labs, BEST, Horizon Capital, Ternary Capital , 7Star Capital.

It is reported that CryptoTycoon is a product that gamifies DeFi lightly. It is built on BSC. By combining with the Monopoly mode, players can spend BNB, BUSD and other BSC tokens in the game to get the dice to participate in the game. opportunity.

5. Goldman Sachs makes a strategic investment in Juggernaut, a synthetic asset issuance platform

According to official news on April 30, Goldman Sachs Group Canada recently announced a strategic investment in Juggernaut DeFi (JGN), a synthetic asset issuance platform. This is also the first investment of Goldman Sachs Group in the field of NFT and DeFi. It is reported that JGN is committed to building the next-generation DeFi and NFT infrastructure, and has previously received investment from a number of institutions such as SoftBank Group (UK), Binance, and LD Capital.

6.Coinbase will acquire Skew, a cryptocurrency data analysis platform

On April 30, according to Coindesk, Coinbase announced that it will acquire Skew, a data visualization and analysis platform for cryptocurrency institutions. This is also the first major transaction of Coinbase since its listing on NASDAQ. Financial terms were not disclosed, and the transaction is expected to be completed in the second quarter. Skew will integrate with Coinbase Pro to enable customers to track the cryptocurrency spot and derivatives market in real time. It is reported that Skew was established in 2018 and currently has more than 100 clients, including hedge fund One River Asset Management.

7. Polkarare, a multi-chain NFT market, announced the completion of $2 million in financing

On April 30, according to official news, PolkaRare, a multi-chain NFT market, announced the completion of US$2 million financing, AU21 Capital, Astronaut Capital, OKEx Blockdream Ventures, X21 digital, Digital Finance Group DFG, Playcent Capital, Moonrock Capital, Morningstar ventures, Momentum 6.ExNetwork Capital, Genesis BLock Ventures GBV, Onchain Capital, IceTea Labs, Magnus Capital, Chronos Ventures, GenBlock Capital, Moonwhale Ventures, BlockSync Ventures, Raptor capital, Lotus Capital, Kyros Ventures, Titan Ventures, De0de Capital, DAOMaker, BTA Ventures 150 participants including CinchBlock and Fomocraft Ventures participated in the investment.

It is reported that Polkarare is a multi-chain NFT market based on Polkadot, Polygon, Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

8. Continuum, a Polkadot ecological open financial platform, received an institutional investment of 1.5 million US dollars

On April 30th, according to official news, Polkadot ecological open financial platform Continuum Finance received a total of US$1.5 million from six foreign investment institutions, 77k Capital, Robot Capital, Delphi Digital, Venture_DAO, CompoundVC, and Kenetic Capital. This investment will be used Continuum Finance aggregates the underlying research and development of token transactions and currency flow protocols.

It is reported that Continuum Finance will maximize the integration of the liquidity of tokens and the advantages of all current interest rate agreements, and build a decentralized financial aggregator of token exchanges, money markets and liquidity agreements.

9. Integral ends the public seed round of financing, with a financing amount of US$32 million

According to official news on April 30, Liquidity Convergence and DEX platform Integral announced the end of the public seed round of financing, and the total amount of financing currently raised is 32 million US dollars. After the settlement is completed, Integral will release the final sales statistics. Integral said that users are expected to be able to claim ITGR tokens from late May to early June.

10. DeFi agreement Hashflow completes US$3.2 million in financing, led by Dragonfly Capital and Electric Capital

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On April 30th, DeFi agreement Hashflow completed a $3.2 million seed round of financing. Dragonfly Capital and Electric Capital led the investment, Alameda Research, Metastable Capital, Galaxy Digital, IDEO Ventures, Gumi Cryptos, Morningstar Ventures, and Balaji Srinivasan, Kain Warwick. Angel investors including Ryan Sean Adams also joined this round of financing.

It is reported that Hashflow connects DeFi users with the CeFi market maker network that runs a liquidity pool. By passing orders in the high liquidity pool operated by the world’s largest market maker, Hashflow can provide the best gas costs with lower gas costs than traditional AMM. Good price.

11. Notional, a fixed-rate loan agreement, completes $10 million in Series A financing, with Pantera leading the investment

According to news on April 30, Notional Finance, a fixed-rate crypto lending startup, completed a US$10 million Series A financing. Pantera Capital led the investment, and Parafi Capital, 1Confirmation, and Spartan Group participated in the investment. It is reported that the Notional fixed-rate lending agreement uses a new type of on-chain automatic market maker AMM for DeFi, CeFi and institutional traders to borrow at a fixed interest rate on the Ethereum network.

12. Paxos completes $300 million in Series D financing, with a valuation of $2.4 billion

On April 29th, Paxos, the issuer of the US dollar stablecoin PAX, completed a $300 million Series D financing with a valuation of $2.4 billion. This round of financing was led by Oak HC/FT. Existing investors PayPal Ventures, Declaration Partners and Liberty City Ventures participated in the investment. Paxos plans to use funds to expand its compliance infrastructure, increase the number of employees, and expand its business by increasing platform capacity and exploring acquisition opportunities. According to previous news, Paxos has been approved by the U.S. Office of the Comptroller of Currency (OCC) to become a U.S. trust bank that can conduct business across states.

13. The digital asset platform Finoa completed $22 million in Series A financing, led by Balderton Capital

According to news on April 29, European digital asset custody and financial services platform Finoa completed a US$22 million Series A financing led by Balderton Capital. Existing investors Coparion, Venture Stars, Signature Ventures and an undisclosed investor participated cast. It is reported that Finoa now has more than 250 customers, including T-Systems, CoinList, Bankhaus Scheich, etc. Finoa plans to become a regulated platform for institutional investors and companies to manage their digital assets, and has obtained a preliminary cryptocurrency custody license and is under the supervision of the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin).

14. Encrypted derivatives exchange GlobeDX completed $18 million in financing, Y Combinator and others participated in the investment

On April 29, the crypto derivatives exchange GlobeDX (Globe Derivative Exchange) supported by Tim Draper announced on Wednesday that it has completed $18 million in financing. Seed fund startup accelerator Y Combinator, Tim Draper’s Draper Dragon Fund, OKEx, Pantera Capital, Republic Crypto, CMT Digital and Wave Financial participated in the investment.

15. DeFi project Bumper completed US$10 million private equity financing, Alphabit and others participated in the investment

On April 29, according to CoinDesk’s report, Bumper, a DeFi-based cryptocurrency volatility protection program, completed $10 million in private equity financing. Alphabit, Autonomy, Beachhead, ChainLayer, etc. participated in the investment. Gareth Ward, chief operating officer of Bumper protocol development company INDX Capital, said that from June 8th, liquidity providers will be able to deposit USDC and receive proceeds, as well as the daily distribution of BUMP tokens. The agreement will be officially launched in August, and a public offering will take place at that time.

16.Polygon, an Ethereum expansion solution, launches a $150 million DeFi fund

On April 29th, the Ethereum expansion solution Polygon launched a $150 million fund DefiForAll Fund. It is reported that the fund comes from 2% of the total supply of MATIC tokens, and it will provide support for DeFi projects in the next 2 to 3 years to increase the adoption rate, accessibility and cost-effectiveness of DeFi.

17. Figment, a crypto infrastructure service provider, launches Figment Capital, a $16 million investment fund

On April 28th, Figment, an encryption infrastructure service provider, announced the launch of Figment Capital, a US$16 million investment fund, which will be used to support the development of DeFi and DApp, including Layer 1 and Layer 2 protocols, privacy technologies, identity solutions, and infrastructure Facilities, DeFi protocol, NFT and other fields.

18.Fantom, a smart contract platform, received a $15 million investment from HyperChain Capital

On April 28th, the smart contract platform Fantom (FTM) announced that it has received a US$15 million investment from the hedge fund HyperChain Capital through the purchase of FTM tokens. In addition, HyperChain Capital also made an initial investment of US$2.5 million in Fantom in 2018, and Hyperblocks, a subsidiary of Hyperchain Capital, currently runs validator nodes on Fantom.

It is reported that Fantom is the world’s first high-performance public chain based on DAG technology and supporting smart contracts, providing EVM compatibility with cross-chain functions. Currently, more than 2,200 smart contracts have been deployed on Fantom.

19., a perpetual contract agreement on BSC, completes a strategic financing of US$3 million

On April 28th,, a perpetual contract agreement platform on BSC, completed a strategic financing of US$3 million. Participating institutions include GBV, Longling Capital, Future Fund, CMS, Headshoulders, K24 venture, Digital Renaissance Foundation, Horizon Capital.

It is reported that is a perpetual contract agreement platform based on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) that adopts the automatic market making (AMM) model. It uses the innovative vAMM+Oracle price discovery mechanism to reduce the position funding rate and uses innovations The dynamic market making (Dynamic Market Making) mechanism provides a hierarchical fund position management function according to the risk appetite of market-making capital providers, and at the same time greatly improves the efficiency of market-making liquidity.

20. Mobile Bank Current completed USD 220 million in Series D financing and will expand its business into the cryptocurrency field

On April 28, according to Techcrunch, U.S. mobile bank Current completed a $220 million Series D financing led by Andreessen Horowitz (a16z). Participants include Tiger Global, TQ Ventures, Avenir, Sapphire Ventures, Foundation Capital, Wellington Management and EXPA. Compared with the C round of financing at the end of last year, this round of financing approximately tripled Current’s valuation to $2.2 billion. Current will use the funds to expand the scope of the company and its banking business, and a key area of ​​new investment will be cryptocurrency. In fact, the encryption field was involved in the early version of Current designed by Current CEO Sopp and CTOTrevor Marshall.

21. Blockchain development platform Alchemy completed 80 million US dollars in Series B financing, with a valuation of over 500 million US dollars

On April 28th, blockchain development platform Alchemy announced that it has completed 80 million US dollars in Series B financing, valued at 505 million US dollars, led by Coatue and Addition, DFJ Growth, K5 Global, Chainsmokers (smoke ghost combination), actor Jared Leto Participated with the Glazer family. Alchemy’s previous investors also included Yahoo founder Yang Zhiyuan, Pantera Capital, Coinbase, SignalFire, Samsung, Stanford University, Google Chairman John L. Hennessy, Charles Schwab, LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman, etc.

22. Alkemi Network, an on-chain liquidity network, announced that it has completed $4.6 million in financing and launched its main network

According to news on April 28, Alkemi’s investors include Outlier Ventures, Techstars, ConsenSys Mesh, LedgerPrime, GSR, GBV Capital, a195 Capital, Asymmetries Funds, Shift Markets, Genblock Capital and Autonomy Capital. The team said that at present, more than 5 million US dollars of liquidity has been injected into the network. After Alkemi Network went live on the mainnet, it established a set of on-chain liquidity networks with a series of tools and products by providing the bridging capability between CeFi and DeFi.

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23. Polkadot ecological DeFi+NFT agreement SporeOcean completes tens of millions of institutional rounds of financing

On April 28th, the private placement round of SporeOcean Spore Agreement Agency has completed tens of millions of financing from 10 Russian investment companies, including ООО«НКГИнжиниринг», ОООИК«КьюБиЭф», ООО«Открытиеброкер», ООтОУ«Калиалиеброкер», ООлУ« АО«ТинькоффБанк», ООО«КомпанияБрокеркредитсервис», ОООИК«Фридомфинанс», ОООО«Атон», ООРО«Церихе», »ПАО«сервис»

It is reported that the SporeOcean spore protocol is Polkadot’s first cross-chain compatible DeFi and NFT basic protocol for the expansion of new financial boundaries. SporeOcean’s interoperable basic technology architecture provides the soil for creating all cutting-edge encryption products (decentralized finance, games, enterprise-level interaction, social products, etc.), and scales real-world assets on the chain to make any cryptocurrency stable Cross-chain pledge of assets of currency and NFT becomes possible, achieving a 100% capital utilization rate.

24. Anoma Network, a privacy network, raised US$6.75 million, led by Polychain Capital

On April 28, the privacy network Anoma Network completed a private equity financing of US$6.75 million. Polychain Capital led the investment, and Electric Capital, Coinbase Ventures, FBG Capital, CMS Holdings, Lemniscap, Cygni Labs, Walden Bridge Capital and other companies participated in the investment.

25. Cryptocurrency wallet ZenGo announced the completion of a US$20 million Series A financing, led by Insight Partners

On April 27, according to CoinDesk, cryptocurrency wallet provider ZenGo announced that it has completed a US$20 million Series A financing, led by growth equity fund Insight Partners, with participation from Distributed Global and Austin Rief Ventures.

26. Blockchain company Concordium completed $36 million in financing, and the mainnet will be launched before June

On April 27, newsbtc reported that Concordium, a US blockchain network company, completed a fourth round of financing of 36 million U.S. dollars, raising the company’s valuation to approximately 1.5 billion U.S. dollars. This round of financing focused on the private placement of its cryptocurrency GTU, and the funds raised will be used to expand the blockchain business. The Concordium blockchain mainnet is planned to be launched before June 2021, when GTU will also be listed on crypto exchanges simultaneously.

27.BakerySwap receives strategic investment from Binance Smart Chain Acceleration Fund

On April 27, it was reported that BakerySwap, the automated market maker (AMM) of Binance’s smart chain ecosystem, received a strategic investment of USD 100 million from Binance’s BSC seed fund. This investment will promote the BSC community to further promote the development of the blockchain. Benefiting from this round of strategic investment, BakerySwap will restart the Bakery Gallery, a digital art trading market, and launch a 3D art exhibition.

28. Manifold Finance completed a US$2.5 million strategic financing, led by Marshland Capital

On April 27th, Manifold Finance announced the completion of a US$2.5 million strategic financing. This round of financing was led by Marshland Capital and others, with participation from Ascensive Assets, Genesis Block Ventures (GBV), Moonrock Capital, Spark Digital Capital, Magnus Capital, Rarestone Capital, Vendetta and SkynetTrading. Manifold Finance aims to use MEV on Layer 2 to provide investors with trading strategies to reduce handling fees and reduce the risk of transaction trapping.

29.DEX aggregator Dagg trade completes seed round financing

On April 27th, Dagg trade, the DEX aggregator of Solana’s ecological project, completed a seed round of financing, and the investor is It is reported that Dagg trade aims to become a trading portal of the Solana ecosystem and will implement a one-stop transaction aggregation service for multiple DEX and DeFi protocols on Solana. Users can query the transaction price, slippage and cost of all DEX on the Solana chain with one click, choose the most suitable execution transaction path according to their own needs, and provide multiple data for wise decision-making, including liquidity data, orders Historical records, user positions and APY, etc.

30.Securrency completed 30 million US dollars in Series B financing, WisdomTree, State Street Bank, etc. participated in the investment

On April 27, it was reported that Securrency, a digital asset compliance technology provider, completed US$30 million in Series B financing, and its valuation rose to US$110 million. Investors include WisdomTree Investment and Abu Dhabi Catalyst Partners (partly owned by the Abu Dhabi National Fund) , State Street Bank and Bank of America. Securrency said it will use the funds to release new products, expand the team and expand the market.

31. MugglePay, a cryptocurrency payment service provider, completes a $1 million seed round of financing

On April 27th, cryptocurrency payment service provider MugglePay recently completed a $1 million seed round of financing. This round of financing was led by the top international payment company Celo Ecological Fund Flori, and Algorand Ecological Fund Borderless Capital and LuneX, a subsidiary of Golden Gate Ventures, participated in the round. In addition, MugglePay said that it will open a Pre-A round of financing in the near future.

32. X World Games, a decentralized virtual game, announced the completion of a $1.2 million strategic round of financing, with SNZ participating in the investment

On April 26, X World Games, a decentralized virtual game, announced that it has completed a $1.2 million strategic round of financing. Participating institutions include NGC, FBG Capital, Longling Capital, SNZ, Moonwhale Ventures, BTX Capital, Kirin Capital, Chain Capital, Crypto Differ, Lanlaxy Group, PreAngel Fund, CatcherVC. It is reported that X World Games is a decentralized virtual game Metaworld, and its dream card Dream Card is the world’s first Japanese two-dimensional NFT card battle game.

33. YFX.COM completed millions of dollars in financing, OKEx Blockdream Ventures and others participated in the investment

On April 26, YFX.COM, a cross-chain decentralized perpetual contract trading platform, announced that it has completed millions of dollars in financing. Participating institutions include OKEx Blockdream Ventures, LD Capital, ArkStream Capital, PrimeBlock Ventures, Labs, PetRock Capital, True Edge Capital, R8 Capital, CryptoJ, 7 O’Clock Capital, Phoenix VC, NewTribe Capital, Vega Ventures, 499Block, Jackdaw Capital, Honglian Capital, etc. In addition, YFX.COM said that it will announce the IDO information of the token YFX. It is reported that YFX.COM has completed the launch of ETH (Layer2), BSC, Heco, Tron mainnet and OKExChain testnet, which can provide up to 100 times the perpetual contract transaction BTC, ETH and other assets, and has repeatedly passed the CertiK smart contract security audit. Realize the decentralized deployment of derivatives trading.

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