Deacon, Korea East-West Power and’Solar Power Generation AI Contest’ will be held starting on the 7th (Wed)

Daycon, Korea East-West Power and’Solar Power Generation AI Contest’ will be held from Wednesday, 7th

‘DACON (CEO Kim Kook-jin)’ announced that from the 7th (Wed),’East-West Power Solar Power Prediction AI Contest’ with’Korea East-West Power (President Park Il-jun)’.

Deacon is a data science platform company for the Enabler, who was born in the first phase of the’K-Challenge Lab’ of the Gyeonggi Creative Economy Innovation Center, and is integrating artificial intelligence into the industry.

The event is hosted by Korea East-West Power and organized by Daycon. Participants will be evaluated by developing an artificial intelligence-based prediction algorithm that predicts the next day’s solar power generation based on the weather forecast data.

All processes in the competition are conducted online, and anyone interested in AI can participate individually or as a team of up to 5 people. This competition will be held in the’individual field’ where individuals participate and the’start-up field’ where startups less than 3 years old participate.

The total prize money for the competition is 16 million won, and 10 million won for the personal field and 6 million won for the startup field are provided.

An official from the Korea East-West Power said, “We promoted to meet the government’s policy of expanding the supply of eco-friendly energy along with the efficient operation and management of renewable energy through the use of AI technology for solar power generation.” “We will introduce the technology to the E-Max service system of East-West Power’s power brokerage business to provide the nation’s best small-scale power brokerage service.”

Dacon CEO Kim Kook-jin said, “The goal of the contest is to develop an AI algorithm for predicting solar power generation based on weather forecasting through the application of a new methodology. He said.

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