Chiliz attracts investment from global quant trading company’Jump Trading’… Full-fledged entry into the US market

Chiliz attracts investment from US global quant trading company’Jump Trading’… Full-fledged entry into the US market

Chiliz, a blockchain fintech company for sports fandom, announced on the 13th that it has attracted equity investments from U.S. global trading company Jump Trading. Chiliz is expected to enter the US market, the world’s largest sports market, in earnest.

According to the Chiliz press release, it is a blockchain fintech company that establishes a’participatory fandom’ by signing a partnership with a sports club or league and issuing fan tokens of the club. The club’s fans can vote in the club’s decision-making as long as they have purchased fan tokens. Chiliz is entering into partnerships with leading sports clubs in Europe such as FC Barcelona, ​​AC Milan, Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain.

In March, Chiliz invested 50 million dollars (about 56 billion won) to enter the US market in earnest. Jump Trading is a global quant trading company that has been investing in various infrastructures since its establishment in 1999 with its headquarters in Chicago. Based on Jump Trading’s investment in Chiliz, the two companies will cooperate strategically to enter the US sports market.

Alexander Dreyfus, CEO of Chiliz, said, “It is a great achievement for Chiliz to attract investment from a global quant trading company that boasts a world-class status.” “A blockchain company that is pioneering the US sports market with Jump Trading. I will solidify my position as a company,” he said.

Meanwhile, Chiliz, which currently has partnerships with 24 clubs such as soccer and e-sports, as well as general martial arts leagues such as UFC and PFL, has announced a goal of signing partnerships with 100 clubs by the end of 2021. To this end, Chiliz is expanding its business in Asia with branches in Singapore and Korea, and has announced plans to enter the South American market as well.

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Author/ Translator: Jamie Kim
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