Cardano (ADA) successfully launches first smart contract on Alonzo testnet

According to the June 11 (local time) development update, the first smart contract on Cardano (ADA)’s public testnet, Alonzo, has been successfully executed. This was reported by YouTube.

The smart contract is expected to be fully implemented by September.

Currently, the development team is in the “Alonzo Blue” stage. We are focusing on developing a command-line interface (CLI) for writing “Hello World” style smart contracts. As soon as basic scripts can be written, Cardano will be ready to transition to “Alonzo White.”


The name Alonzo was given to immortalize American mathematician and computer science innovator Alonzo Church (1903-1995). This sets the stage for the most anticipated Cardano (ADA) upgrade in 2021, namely the launch of smart contracts.

Alonzo’s current rollout plan includes five phases: Blue, white, purple, red, black. A smart contract version of Cardano could be released as early as September 2021.

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