Bloomberg “Breven Howard’s $5.6 Billion Hedge Fund Will Buy Cryptocurrency” .. Invest 1.6% of Funds Pool

On the 15th, YouTube quoted Bloomberg News that the’Brevan Howard Master Fund’, a major hedge fund of $20 billion (about KRW 22.3 trillion) asset management company Brevan Howard, will begin to buy cryptocurrency. Time) reported.

The hedge fund is known to invest 1.6% of its $5.6 billion pool of funds, and it is said that Bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency under the radar of the hedge fund.

It is not surprising that the New Jersey-based company is making its way into the cryptocurrency industry. Breburn Howard co-founder Alan Howard is an investor in One River Asset Management, a volatility-focused hedge fund that currently owns over $1 billion worth of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The British billionaire also led the series A funding round of $25 million cryptocurrency custodian Komainu, announced in March.

Here, Howard is one of the largest shareholders of CoinShares, a European digital asset management company.

(The Brevan Howard Master Fund, the main hedge fund of $20 billion asset management company Brevan Howard, will start buying cryptocurrencies, Bloomberg reports.)

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