Blockchain-based mobile youth age verification service launched in the second half of the year

Mobile youth age verification service screen. [Photo: Coin Plug]

[Digital Today Reporter Chigyu Hwang] Blockchain specialized company Coinplug (CEO Joon-Seon Eo) will launch a mobile youth age verification service based on Metadium blockchain in the second half of this year. As the service passed the ICT regulatory sandbox review on the 8th, Coinplug plans to discuss the launch of a specific service with Busan City.

The mobile youth age verification service is a service that allows you to use the age verification certificate (youth card) stored on the mobile phone as an age verification and youth preferential voucher online or offline. In order for adolescents to receive benefits, they must submit a resident registration card or a certificate that can confirm their age. However, it was inconvenient because there are no specific exceptions, such as how to submit a certificate for youth without a resident registration card. Coinplug expected that the problem would be solved through this service.

Coinplug provides a mobile youth age verification service through the Busan Blockchain Integrated Service B PASS app, providing age verification and preferential treatment while safely storing personal information of teens at game-related businesses, movie companies, and youth preferential facilities in Busan special zones. It is a plan to be promoted to apply such as

Joon-seon Eo, CEO of Coinplug, said, “We plan to seek ways to expand the age verification service to other regions and various sectors.” I plan to make an effort.”

Author/ Translator: Jamie Kim
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