Bithumb, donated donations to support the vulnerable class

Bithumb, donated donation to support the vulnerable class

Bithumb (CEO Heo Baek-young), Korea’s leading virtual asset exchange, announced that it has donated donations to the Korean Red Cross (Chairman Shin Hee-young) to support vulnerable families (premature babies) ahead of the Lunar New Year holiday.

The donations provided by Bithumb are used to relieve the economic burden on low-income families who live under the financial burden of various treatments and rehabilitation by giving birth to early babies, and to support hospitalization and rehabilitation treatment expenses so that they can focus only on the health and growth of the child.

In the early stage, because the immune system is weak and the organs are immature, various tests and treatments must be performed in parallel, and appropriate treatment and warm care are required.

Bithumb donates donations to support medical expenses and living expenses for teenagers and children, and invites underprivileged children to watch a baseball game through the in-house volunteer club’Dabong’, and carries out social contribution activities to deliver warmth and hope to neighbors. It continues.

An official from Bithumb said, “I hope that the sharing activities of the executives and employees will be of little help to neighbors in need. We will continue to strive to deliver warmth to the underprivileged neighbors.”


Author/ Translator: Jamie Kim
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