Beomsu Kim, Chairman of Kakao, “donated more than half of our assets to solve social problems”

Beomsoo Kim, Chairman of Kakao Impact (Image = Kakao)
Chairman Beomsoo Kim[Photo: Kakao]

[Digital Today Reporter Hwang Chi-gyu] Kakao Chairman Kim Bum-soo donates more than half of his fortune as part of supporting social problems.

Kakao Chairman Kim Beom-soo shared a plan to donate half of his fortune to resolve social problems in a New Year’s Kakao Talk message sent to Kakao affiliates (communities) executives and staff members (crew) on the 8th.

Chairman Kim said, “After I proposed to be the main agent of social problem solving for the 10th anniversary of last year in March, I had a lot of thoughts about what to do. Watching the deepening of social problems in various fields, I thought that I should not delay my determination any more. I heard,” he explained the background of the donation. He added that appropriate donation pledges are also being promoted so that the promise can become an official promise.

Chairman Kim did not comment on what areas to donate to. He said, “We will find and support people to solve social problems in areas that are difficult for Kakao to access. We will continue to share specific plans, get ideas, and open up opportunities for participation.”

Kakao has recently emphasized the message of ESG (environmental, social, governance) management. Last month, a board meeting was held and a decision was made to establish an’ESG committee’ under the board of directors. The ESG Committee is responsible for checking the direction of the company’s sustainability management strategy and managing and overseeing the performance and problems.

Kakao also enacted and promulgated the’Corporate Governance Charter’, which will be the cornerstone of sustainability management activities. In the corporate governance charter, the management under the supervision of the board of directors with expertise and independence in five areas, including △shareholders, △the board of directors, △auditing bodies, △stakeholders, and △management monitoring by the market, performs responsible management. The company explained that it contained a declarative meaning of establishing and developing a sound governance structure.

Author/ Translator: Jamie Kim
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