BaaSid unveils a sales kit for authentication and cloud storage service launch for B2B cloud customers

BaaSid unveils a sales kit for authentication and cloud storage service launch for B2B cloud customers

BaaSid, a decentralized authentication and storage company, has unveiled a new Sales Kit for cloud B2B customers for the first time in Singapore.

The two services released this time are the MFA authentication service and the cloud storage service. However, it is not just an authentication service and a cloud storage service.

BaaSid has unveiled the “Pistis” brand that can simultaneously service Blockchain-based Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) authentication and DID, and “Soteria”, a decentralized blockchain SaaS File management service.

“Pistis” is a blockchain-based DID API solution that is designed to allow customers to link DID to their services by interlocking APIs, and provides MFA (Multi Factor Authentication) and In-house Security Module. In addition, “Soteria” is a blockchain-based file management system, which maximizes the security of files without the original files, stores them safely, and enables shared services for collaboration.

An official from BaaSid said, “We will try to serve a variety of customers with a service that maximizes clear needs, security, and convenience through long-standing communication with B2B customers who use existing cloud services.” In addition, “BaaSid has in-depth know-how through the development and cooperation of not only two or three types of blockchains developed by itself, but also other blockchains.” “Blockchain’s limitations and unnecessary and exaggerated bubbles Except for this, we will continue to cooperate with existing large IT service companies and global messenger service companies to develop and commercialize a blockchain service model that can be used and serviced.”

Meanwhile, BASSID is preparing to supply DID and various blockchain solutions to various government agencies, financial institutions, and universities based on the first supply of DID to Taiwanese government agency TWCC in the first quarter of this year. I’m preparing.

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Author/ Translator: Jamie Kim
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