Asiana International Short Film Festival, Competitive Film Competition..Movieblock Film Festival Online Submission Service

MovieBloc, a blockchain-based movie distribution platform, announced on June 15 that it had launched a film festival entry service on the MovieBloc site.

This service, a simple online film festival entry solution, supports the domestic competition of Asiana International Short Film Festival (Executive Chairperson Sung-ki Ahn) at the same time as launch.

According to the material distributed by MovieBloc, the Asiana International Short Film Festival (AISFF) is the first and largest international competitive short film festival in Korea. It is playing the role of a recruiting door for filmmakers.

MovieBloc’s online submission function differs from the existing system in which existing entrants fill out unnecessary information either directly by e-mail of the festival or on several pages of overseas entry services, uploading their work on one page and providing essential information requested by the festival It emphasizes the simplicity of the submission, which is completed immediately by filling in the blanks. The film festival, which judges numerous entries, can sort and extract data in a desired format through the provided management page, view and manage entries easily, and go through the screening process more efficiently.

MovieBloc CEO Kang Kang-kyung said, “This service is a service that MovieBloc has jointly planned and launched with the Asiana International Short Film Festival, which has served as a gateway for creators for a long time. , hopes to provide an opportunity for many creators to more easily promote their work,” he said, expressing his expectations for the new service.

Meanwhile, MovieBloc is a blockchain-based movie distribution platform developed by Pandora TV, which supports producers, ecosystem participants, and audiences to engage in profit-making activities based on high-quality content. In January 2020, we launched an official service for global users. Since May 2020, it has successfully hosted 17 online film festivals, including the Seoul Environmental Film Festival and the Kaywon Film Festival. have.

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Meanwhile, the Asiana International Short Film Festival is scheduled to announce the new name and duration of the festival, which will change from this year, on the 30th. The Asiana International Short Film Festival, which was in danger of being canceled due to the suspension of sponsorship earlier this year, announced in May that it would continue the film festival under a new name along with Pandora TV and MovieBloc.

The 19th Asiana International Short Film Festival (Executive Chairperson Sung-ki Ahn) will open a competition for works by July 15th. Submissions can be made for short films of less than 30 minutes completed after January 2020, regardless of genre or subject. Entries can be submitted via the MovieBloc website and via email. If domestic works meet the criteria for the Korean premiere, they will be judged first in the international competition section. Details regarding the entry can be found on the website of the Asiana International Short Film Festival.


Author/ Translator: Jamie Kim
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