Aprobit unveils new listing service’A+’

<div>Aprobit unveils new listing service’A+’</div>
<div>Aprobit unveils new listing service’A+’</div>

Aprobit unveils new listing service’Aplus’

-‘A+’ provides opportunities for investors to encounter various and sound projects

-CEO Kim Byeong-jun, “We will revitalize the cryptocurrency market and improve awareness”

‘APROBIT’, a digital asset exchange operated by blockchain fintech company’Apro Korea (CEO: Kim Byeong-jun)’, unveiled a new listing service’A+’ on the 25th.

The listing service’A+’ was created by combining Aprobit and Plus, and it implies that it will provide a transaction service and environment that can be a step plus to the listed foundations, and to provide various projects of the’A+’ level to investors have.

A+ has an internal device that can regularly check the health and safety of listed projects to protect investors.

Aprobit plans to use its own alliance for this service to provide opportunities for investors to interact with various projects, and to actively support marketing for both projects and investors to create a sound trading environment.

Aprobit CEO Kim Byung-jun said, “We will promote the cryptocurrency market and improve awareness by providing sound and transparent projects to the public through this service.”

Aprobit acquired the Information Security Management System (ISMS) certification last year, and is accelerating its business expansion through this service along with the issuance of a real name verification account.


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