Angel League issued NTF as proof of investment in unlisted stocks

Angel League combination NFT image. [Photo: Capbox]

[Digital Today Reporter Chigyu Hwang] Capbox (CEO Hyun-seok Oh), an unlisted stock trading platform Angel League, is a non-replaceable token NTF (Non Fungible) provided through a digital asset wallet clip developed by Kakao’s blockchain technology subsidiary Ground X (CEO Jae-sun Han). It is a policy to expand the use of Token).

Capbox CEO Oh Hyun-seok said, “If you are a member who has invested in Curly, Toss, and Soca, you can check your subscription details on Kakao Clip.”

He also said, “By making it possible to prove the membership of the Angel League union through Clip’s NFT digital card, we have reduced operational hassle and strengthened the convenience of members. It will also be expanded into the room,” he said.

Until now, the number of NFTs issued to members by participating in the clip deal held in the Angel League is about 3,000. Members can collect NFT cards in KakaoTalk and check their investment details conveniently. Currently, club deals such as Bank Salad, Yanadu, and Stradvision are in progress in the Angel League.

Author/ Translator: Jamie Kim
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