American Consciousness Survey on NFT, Popular NFT or Intergenerational Trends?

The Harris Poll, an American polling company, conducted a consciousness survey on NFT (Non-Replaceable Token). Currently, awareness of NFTs among Americans is increasing, but evaluation differs according to generation and annual salary. Coinpost reported this on the 7th.

NFT is a token that is indivisible and has a unique value, and has begun to be issued in various forms, such as digital art and music, and athlete collection cards.

The survey was conducted online by The Harris Poll on March 31, 2021, of 1,088 adults aged 18 and over in the United States.

As a result, 81% of respondents knew about NFT. In addition, 40% of respondents said, “I know about the NFT.” In the survey two weeks ago, 27% of those who answered that they knew NFT well, so there is a possibility that awareness is rapidly increasing.

Forty percent of those who say they know the NFT well said that “at least to some extent, they are likely to consider buying,” but 42% seem to see the popularity of NFT in the short term, so they do not expect the popularity to last for more than five years. On the other hand, 38% said, “Even if it is a short-term trend, it is worth investing.”

[Millennials are active in NFT]

According to research, there seems to be a difference between generations in consciousness and behavior by NFT.

Of the respondents, only 12% of respondents say they are currently investing in NFTs, but by generation, 27% of millennials said they are currently investing in NFTs.

The millennial generation generally refers to the generation that enters society after the advent of the millennium (the new millennium) around 2000, and was born from the early 1980s to the mid-1990s. According to other surveys, this layer tends to have a more positive view of cryptocurrency than other generations.

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In addition, a large difference in consciousness was observed between those who perceive themselves as’investors’ and those who identified themselves as’collectors’. Investors are more likely to see the NFT as a short-term fad (50% investors, 43% collectors), and collectors are more likely to find emotional value in the NFT (61% collectors, 46% investors). .

The wealthy and millennials were most likely to see themselves as collectors. Half (50%) of respondents with household incomes of more than $100,000 (approximately 1.11 billion won) said they were collectors, and 31% bought NFTs. In addition, 63% of millennials consider themselves a collector, and 40% of them buy NFTs.

22% of those who perceive themselves as collectors say they own the NFT. Among collectors, collecting NFTs is as common as collecting albums and vintage toys (22% collected), and is more popular than sports-related souvenirs (21% collected), cartoons (19% collected), and cars (18% collected). It was investigated.

[What kind of NFT is popular?]

Those who are considering purchasing NFTs are most likely to purchase music NFTs (36%), followed by digital art (35%) and video (33%). Compared to them, the NFT of tweets (17%) and essays (13%) seems to have been less popular.

The motive for purchasing NFT was for the return on investment (40%), but 36% are art fans, so there are some people looking for artistic value by revealing that they are buying it.

Other reasons were “because family, friends, and co-workers are buying NFTs (30%)” and “because they are very popular now (30%)”.

Regarding specific brand names, the highest percentage (57%) that they would consider purchasing Nike NFT. Since then, it has been followed by Adidas (45%), food service company Taco Bell (38%), and the US Professional Basketball League NBA (36%).

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(NFT (Non-Generational Trait)) The Harris Poll has a high degree of understanding of how much it is. It’s good.)

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