AI robot that appeared on Seoul Startup Hub..Test bed support for small and medium-sized companies

From the first half of this year, you can meet AI (artificial intelligence) robots in the field of quarantine by going to the Seoul Startup Hub (Gongdeok). This is a test bed (demonstration) process for securing technological competitiveness in quarantine and sterilization services, such as providing a service that guides visitors without the need for face-to-face, and effectively selecting infection suspects, and is conducted for 12 months.

Seoul Startup Hub, the representative startup support organization of Seoul, signed an agreement with Zeta Bank Co., Ltd. as part of the Test Bed Seoul Demonstration Support Project, and provides a demonstration opportunity for guidance and defense AI robots applying the 4th industrial innovation technology to enter the domestic and overseas markets. Said that.

“Innovative technologies related to the 4th Industrial Revolution are the most important areas of timeliness, and even after technology development, testbed support is provided to small and medium-sized businesses that have difficulty in commercialization without securing an opportunity for demonstration due to problems such as cost,” said Tae-Hoon Lee, head of the start-up headquarters of Seoul Industry Promotion Agency. It is of great significance in that the business provided a foothold for a leap forward.” He said, “We will actively support the commercialization of innovative technologies and continue to lay the foundation for growth of promising companies through the test bed support project of the Innovation Growth Headquarters of the Seoul Industry Promotion Agency.” .


Author/ Translator: Jamie Kim
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