A platform to measure meme value, raising $5 million

Blockchain-oriented venture capital funds and angel investors have invested 5 million dollars (about 55.8 billion won) into Meme.com, a new market for Meme cryptocurrency and non-replaceable tokens (NFT). This was reported by Decrypt on the 27th (local time).

The platform’s investors include Outlier Ventures, Digital Finance Group (DFG), Morningstar, Blockhype, Spark Digital Capital, CEO of Altitude Games Gabby Dizon, and Sandiff Nilewal, co-founder of Polygon (MATIC).

Meme.com will enable users to issue’memetic tokens’ that are valuable based on the trends they represent or the perceived value of memes. Each month, the best meme will be awarded a bonus, such as a special NFT work.

Mathias Tirberry, described simply as “Stonks at Meme.com (Stonks is an intended typo of Stocks)” on LinkedIn, explains, “We believe that humor and memes connect people and are uniquely united by a common culture. We believe we have the power to create shared experiences.”

Tirbery is also the co-founder of Marble Cards, a card game that turns URLs into NFT-based trading cards. He argues that memes are the “lingua franca” of the Internet, the universal bridge language, and “Meme.com is the marketplace where conversations begin.”

[Meme.com turns the internet’s laughter into an investment]

Ultimately, Meme.com developers plan to create “Coin Market Cap for memetic content (a cryptocurrency market relay site)” with charts and timelines that allow users to compare each memes and trends. Marketing materials shared with Decrypt also suggest that users can hold meme tokens to lure the community to develop specific memes.

“We believe that memes and meme markets like Meme.com are promising and innovative ways to empower users to find or create trends,” said Joanna Liang, DFG’s investment manager.

The platform will also include’meme coins’ such as DOGE and SHIB, both of which have surged in popularity over the past few months, contributing millions of dollars to the liquidity of the cryptocurrency market.

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, helped support this trend after various tweets and claims about Dogecoin.

For Meme.com investors, this trend will continue.

(A new marketplace for joke cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens has earned the hearts and wallets of investors.)

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