‘2021 Global Virtual Asset Finance Conference’, broadcast live for 3 days starting on the 27th

‘2021 Global Virtual Asset Finance Conference’, online live broadcast for 3 days starting on the 27th
Prospects of virtual asset companies’ 2021 virtual asset financial market, investment, institutional regulations, etc.
· Presenting development directions by gathering with experts from around the world, including Korea, the US, China, Singapore, and the EU

The 2021 Global Virtual Asset Finance Conference, where companies specializing in virtual asset finance from around the world gather to forecast the global virtual asset market in 2021, will be held online for 3 days from the 27th to the 29th.

The ‘2021 Global Virtual Asset Finance Conference’ is a conference specializing in virtual asset finance in which global virtual asset finance companies such as Korea, the United States, China, Singapore, and the EU participate in the global virtual asset market. It is a place to share key information on the virtual asset financial ecosystem, as well as to discuss the future financial development direction of the virtual asset market to investors.

This conference is expected to hold a general discussion on the field of virtual asset finance such as derivatives trading, Defi, custudy, OTC, wallet, mining, traditional finance, investment, law and institution, and is divided into three sessions. In-depth presentations by session will follow.

The conference begins with congratulatory remarks from the political affairs committee chairman Yoon Kwan-seok of the National Assembly’s political affairs and Democratic Party lawmaker Kim Byeong-wook who initiated and passed the special payment law.

At the session 1 presentation on the first day, Ledger, President of APAC, Glenn Woo, President of Bybit Ben Zhou, Analyst Han Dae-hoon of SK Securities, and Chief Strategy Officer Vadim Krutov, Bitfury , Kevin Huang, founder of Cabin VC, and Justin Kang, head of Strategic Marketing at Delio, diagnose trends and implications of the virtual asset industry under the theme of’The Current Status and Prospect of the Virtual Asset Financial Market in 2021′.

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In the field of’Successful Virtual Asset Investment Plan’, which is the topic of Session 2 on the second day, vice president of Amber Group Annabelle Huang and vice president of chain-up Jade Chen, Hexland CEO Jin-woo Noh, and Huobi University Dr. Yu Jianing, former CEO of Huawei’s chief blockchain scientist Ken Huang, co-president Lee Hyun-woo of Xangle, and Lee Seung-hwan, CEO of Coinness, will present the theme.

In the third session on the last day, under the theme of’Institutions and Regulations Related to Virtual Real Estate’, Deputy Director Lee Hae-Bung of the Financial Supervisory Service will present’Recent regulatory trends related to virtual real estate (Korea and major countries)’. Next, attorney Kim & Jang, Joong-young, attorney at law firm’Licensing Requirements and Implications for Virtual Asset Service Providers in 2021′, and Eric Chan at Law Firm ShookLin&Bok said’Restriction of Cryptocurrency in Singapore Overview’, In-wook Kwon of the IW Tax Office said’Taxes for Investors and Virtual Asset Businesses’, and Louise Shen, CEO of Winergy,’The Characteristics and Differences of the Markets in China, Korea and Indonesia’, Liyan Consulting District Director Gu yan xi announces the’merger of the bank and the securities industry’.

This conference, jointly hosted by Delio and the Korea Virtual Real Estate Finance Association (KCFA), will be conducted online in consideration of the Corona 19 pendemic. Anyone who is interested in the subject, such as virtual asset investors, the general public, institutions, companies, financial investors, etc., can watch it through the official Delrio YouTube channel without prior registration.

Delio Justin Kang, Director of Strategic Marketing, said, “In 2021, the domestic virtual asset market is entering into full-scale institutionalization through the implementation of the Special Act, and now the public’s familiarity with the virtual asset market has increased through the expansion of practical services such as custudy and wallet beyond exchanges. “This conference will share the current status of the virtual asset market and key financial issues with domestic and foreign virtual asset finance companies, and the future financial blueprint of virtual assets to the industry as well as the general public. It will be a meaningful place to present the message.”

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On the other hand, the Korea Virtual Real Estate Finance Association (KCFA) held a parliamentary seminar for the’enactment of a law specializing in virtual virtual assets’ in cooperation with Democratic Party Rep. Kim Byeong-wook in September to discuss the necessity of enacting a law specializing in virtual assets for the development of the blockchain industry. He has represented the voice of the industry.