Month: April 2021

This article explains the iterative and competitive road of Ethereum Layer 2 expansion

Summary “Multiple cars are blocked and capacity expansion is imminent”-Layer 2 capacity expansion has always been one of the clear development trends of the blockchain industry. With the active Ethereum ecosystem and network congestion, the Layer 2 track has become the focus of the market again. This article will systematically introduce the principle and development ….  Read More

Analysis: If the April closing price reaches 60,000 US dollars, the expiration of 3.9 billion US dollars Bitcoin options will be “unsurprising.”

Analysis: If the April closing price reaches 60,000 US dollars, the expiration of 3.9 billion US dollars Bitcoin options will be “unsurprising.” Bitcoin’s performance in 2021 has been eye-catching, but traders waiting for the monthly closing price to break the record may be disappointed this week. On April 14, the price of Bitcoin reached a ….  Read More

Coinbase allows US users to purchase cryptocurrency with PayPal

Coinbase, a Nasdaq-listed cryptocurrency exchange, now allows US customers to purchase cryptocurrencies using PayPal. The Block reported this on the 29th (local time). This means that debit cards and bank accounts linked to PayPal can now be used to purchase cryptocurrencies on Coinbase. Coinbase said, “Credit cards and e-checks linked to PayPal cannot be used.” ….  Read More

Healthy Fast Food Chain’Muscle Maker Grill’ Adopts Bitcoin Payment

New Jersey-based fast food chain Muscle Maker Grill (Nasdaq: GRIL) announced in a press release on April 29 that it will begin adopting bitcoin payments as an alternative payment method for cash, credit and debit cards. Revealed. This is reported by YouTube. Initially, before activating cryptocurrency purchases offline & online, first accept bitcoins only with ….  Read More

Fidelity Unveils Digital Asset Analysis Tool for Institutional Investors

On the 29th (local time), financial services company Fidelity Investments announced SherlockSM, a digital asset data and analysis tool for institutional investors. The Block reported this. Users can use this information for modeling and backtesting purposes outside the platform after verifying the data on the blockchain, development ecosystem, markets and social media. “We’ve heard from ….  Read More

UK regulator FCA reviews cryptocurrency regulations tightening .. discussion begins

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the UK’s premier regulatory body for finance and banking, has released a discussion document’DP 21/1′. Announced’Strengthening Financial Promotion Rules for Companies Approving High Risk Investments and Financial Promotions’. This was reported by YouTube on the 29th (local time). [Should we classify cryptocurrencies as high-risk assets?] The FCA has published a ….  Read More