Month: March 2021

75% of BTC finally changed hands for less than $10,800, and the number of Bitcoin holders continued to increase

Research by on-chain analytics provider Glassnode found that about three-quarters of the circulating bitcoins last moved on the blockchain at a price of less than $10,800, indicating that most market participants are long-term holders. Glassnode’s “Weekly On-Chain” report on March 29 found that 25.43% of bitcoins in circulation were last traded at between $10,800 and ….  Read More

Bitcoin derivatives add a new force! CME will launch mini bitcoin futures

The US financial market will add a bitcoin derivative, which comes from the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), the world’s largest futures and options exchange. CME announced on Tuesday, 30th Eastern Time, that it plans to officially launch a futures product called Micro Bitcoin on May 3 this year. It will be launched soon after regulatory ….  Read More

Ba Shusong: Digital RMB helps Licaitong

Professor Ba Shusong believes that the launch of Licaitong may face some problems, including cross-border KYC (Know Your Client), investment quota and investable products. Because digital renminbi has traceability and smart contract functions, and at the same time it needs to be processed by the bank during exchange, it can meet KYC requirements, and it ….  Read More

Small business owner support fund plus, up to 5 million won From the 31st, it is possible to apply without discriminating business numbers.

Small business owners support fund plus, up to 5 million won From the 31st, applications can be made without distinction of business numbers. Small business owners who operate two or more supported businesses will receive them from the 1st of the following month. From Wednesday, March 31st, you can apply without discriminating between the last ….  Read More

Internet specialty banks expand supply of medium-interest-rate loans.. Cut the highest interest rate to 20% from July this year.

Internet specialty banks expand the supply of mid-interest rate loans. The Financial Services Commission announced that it will reorganize the system so that middle-interest-rate loans are supplied to the middle and low credit groups. The policy is to induce the absorption of low-credit users by cutting the highest interest rate. On the 30th, an amendment ….  Read More

NFT Marketplace Super Rare, Mark Cuban, and other famous investors raised $9 million

Super Rare, a non-replaceable token (NFT) marketplace, was found to have raised 9 million dollars (about 10.2 billion won) from famous investors. This financing becomes Series A. Coinpost reported this on the 31st. This investment was led by TechVC’s Velvet Sea and 1 confirmation, with famous investors Mark Cuban, Chamas Palyhapitiya, and Salesforce CEO, also ….  Read More

Origin Protocol Auctions Grammy Winning Hip-Hop Artist Loupe Piasco NFT

Origin Protocol is also auctioning Loupe Piasco NFT. [Photo: Origin Protocol] [Digital Today Reporter Hwang Chi-gyu] Decentralized P2P marketplace Origin Protocol announced on the 30th that it will cooperate with the Grammy Award-winning hip-hop musician LUPE FIASCO as the second artist for its non-replaceable token (NFT) auction service. Loupe Piasco plans to unveil two types ….  Read More

Danal Opens PayCoin UnionPay Mobile Prepaid Card Service

[Digital Today Reporter Chigyu Hwang] Danal, an integrated payment business company, announced on the 30th that it will officially open the’Danal-UnionPay Mobile Prepaid Card’ service that can be used in the PayCoin app. This allows Paycoin UnionPay member stores to pay with a Danal-UnionPay prepaid card linked to Paycoin without a separate currency exchange. As ….  Read More