Month: February 2021

Grayscale will explore 23 new investment products such as AAVE, SNX, SUSHI, DOT, etc.

Digital asset management company Grayscale said on Friday that it is exploring new investment products, and decentralized finance (DeFi) is the company’s focus. In the announcement, Grayscale stated that it is considering using several new digital assets for potential new investment products. The company currently provides 8 single-asset investment trust funds and 1 diversified fund ….  Read More

Cryptocurrency project value judgment and fraud routines

The cryptocurrency has a huge ups and downs, with a huge increase of thousands of times and a “zero coin” with a decrease of 99%. Even in a bull market, there are many people who lose money. Therefore, which cryptocurrencies are worth investing in is a common concern of all investors, and they need to ….  Read More

Can it be compared to gold? When is it configured? The world’s largest hedge fund explains Bitcoin in detail

With bond yields approaching zero and most central banks around the world are “releasing water”, investors have to find new wealth storage tools. The current hot cryptocurrency Bitcoin has become the focus of attention. The research report recently released by Bridgewater, the world’s largest hedge fund company, discussed in detail the development path of Bitcoin ….  Read More

Miners do not accept EIP-1559, will it cause Ethereum to fork?

# Blockchain 2021-02-27 08:26 0 13,148 Source: Wu said the blockchain On February 26, Xinghuo Mining Pool publicly opposed the Ethereum EIP-1559 upgrade (it is predicted to activate in July, and the income of miners will be reduced by about 30%), while Yuchi publicly expressed its support. The two policies are facing each other, causing ….  Read More

Why is the cost of Ethereum so high?

1/Ethereum is the second largest public chain by market value after Bitcoin. More than one million transactions are generated on the Ethereum network every day, the average daily transaction cost on the chain in the past seven days is more than 30 million U.S. dollars (the corresponding data for Bitcoin is 8 million), and the ….  Read More

Digital RMB thinking based on hardware wallets such as video cards and wearables

Recently, digital renminbi pilot activities have been launched in Shenzhen, Suzhou, Beijing, Chengdu and other places, and the forms of digital renminbi have become more and more abundant. Video cards, fingerprint cards, wearables and other products have appeared On January 5, Postal Savings Bank of China tested a hardware wallet in the form of a ….  Read More

EIP-1559 has been added to the Ethereum London upgrade plan

Today, Ethereum developer and EIP-1559 contributor TimBeiko submitted a proposal that advocates adding EIP-1559 to the Ethereum London upgrade, and is tentatively scheduled to be implemented in July or August 2021. TimBeiko believes that there is nothing wrong with the EIP proposal and it is ready to pass the normal network upgrade test process. The ….  Read More